Has any one pre ordered this book

  roger.roger 13:38 13 Sep 2019

£25 for a signed copy or £30 for an unsigned one.

for the record

I think extracts are in this weekends times newspaper.

  WhirlingRound 13:53 13 Sep 2019

Nope. I don't intend to either.

  Quickbeam 13:55 13 Sep 2019

No, even though fantasy is a genre I read...

  HondaMan 14:17 13 Sep 2019

I'm with Quickbeam on this PLUS fiction, other than certain authors who write sci-fi is something I have never read.

  Govan1x 15:36 13 Sep 2019

My son did say Tony Blair's memoirs was one of the worst books that he has ever read.

Now he should have had plenty to write about not to sure If David Cameron would have much to say about how good he was as PM.

Personally I would not even read it if it was free.lets hope he surprises us,

I think Tony Blair donated the proceeds of his book to Charity but may be wrong with that.

  iscanut 16:09 13 Sep 2019

No way would I even put a penny into this man's pocket. No interest in it at all.

  Quickbeam 07:34 14 Sep 2019

Actually, reading this, I might be tempted into read the newspaper edition.

  Quickbeam 05:15 15 Sep 2019

The knife twists just as Boris is going around the country drumming up support for himself, he gets exposed as the charlatan that I've always considered him to be by Cameron that's just stepped out from the shadows quite literally de-cloaking with dagger in hand!

I don't think that an future PM can possible get off to such a disastrous honeymoon as Mr Boris has...

It's looking like Cameron's book will see many more copies sold than expected with it's publication date coinciding with the current Brexit deadline.

  wee eddie 09:01 15 Sep 2019

QB: There is a long tradition of ex(Prime) Ministers sticking the knife into their successors.

Labour, Liberal and Conservative, are all in the frame for doing this - It sells copy and gives the Reviewers something to concentrate on, rather than the turgid writing style of their Ghost Writers!

Oh, you may say, they wrote it themselves. In their dreams. OK they scribbled down a couple of paragraphs, maybe a chapter or two, and then spent hours, whisky in hand, closeted with some Hack, who will be paid a not inconsiderable sum to whip the thing into shape.

  Forum Editor 09:03 15 Sep 2019

Prime Ministerial memoirs always sell pretty well, as much for the kiss and tell anecdotes as for anything else.

I think we all know how shocked David Cameron was by the referendum result, and it's pretty obvious that he wants Remain supporters to forgive and forget. I very much doubt that this book will achieve that.

  mikef. 10:25 15 Sep 2019

Hopefully it will soon be on the £1 shelf, despicable backstabber

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