Harry's games

  csqwared 16:49 23 Aug 2012

Bit surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet so I'll bite the bullet. Personally, I have absolutely no problem with a red blooded 27 year old doing his own thing, in his own space and enjoying life. Questions have been raised whether the third in line to the throne should carry on like this. Yes, he should. The more he is in touch with life the more successful he is likely to be when, and if, he becomes monarch. I'm sure he'll feel very let down by the 'friend' who posted the images.

  Flak999 17:14 23 Aug 2012

It has been touched upon in this thread Discretion or the Fear of Leveson?

  john bunyan 17:16 23 Aug 2012

"Bit surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet" Yes it has, see:

[Leveson ]1

What he does , if in private and legal, is indeed his affair. However only a very naive young man would behave like the "Upper class twit" that he portrays - he is always being photographed falling out of nightclubs etc. Quite apart from embarrassing his family, his CO would surely class his behaviour (at least allowing it to become public)as "conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman". If he were to renounce his HRH etc and the bodyguards (costing taxpayers a fortune in travel an hotel costs) then fair enough, I have no moral issue with him. However to be caught literally with his pants down a few days after representing the Queen at the Olympic closing ceremony shows, at the least, a collossal lack of judgement.

  lotvic 18:48 23 Aug 2012

No problem, Lot of fuss in the papers about nothing, I suppose a lot of prudes would think the 1st in line to the throne shouldn't carry on like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfhC587Wiik

  csqwared 19:01 23 Aug 2012

Flak999/john bunyan

Thank you

One should look before one leaps shouldn't one? ;-))

  ton 19:40 23 Aug 2012

He IS an upper class twit with a serious lack of judgement and too much of our money to waste.

I wouldn't trust him with an apache

  lotvic 20:02 23 Aug 2012

ton, have a look at my link to vid of Prince Charles....

  morddwyd 21:23 23 Aug 2012

"his CO would surely class his behaviour (at least allowing it to become public)as "conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman""

What pompous nonsense.

Young soldiers, commissioned and otherwise, have been doing such stuff for centuries, and long may they continue.

As long as he is not doing it in in only a bearskin on the Horse Guards at midday it is not a military matter.

  john bunyan 21:42 23 Aug 2012


"What pompous nonsense"

Your opinion. Mine is that, he forgets his royal connections and the pain his drunken behaviour impinges on them. On the military issue , the odd lapse is one thing but he, at 27 is no longer a "young soldier" and he often, in spite of his undoubted good points, exhibits behaviour in public due to drinking that brings his unit into disrepute. It is about time he grew up, and showed a better example. His judgement is very poor at the very least in not thinking about the possibility of being filmed. Also, what on earth were his bodyguards doing, apart from costing the taxpayer a fortune?

  Quickbeam 07:41 24 Aug 2012

One more nail in the coffin is the opinion of us republicans. How can we still justify anyone being gifted by birth the elevated social status and privileges that the antiquated system of monarchy grants to blue blooded buffoons in the 21st century?

  wiz-king 08:00 24 Aug 2012

I thought the Americas played strip poker, or even strip pool, billiards is such an British game.

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