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Harry and Meghan step back as "senior" royals

  Belatucadrus 00:49 09 Jan 2020

Is anybody remotely bothered that this pair of over privileged over paid nonentities have decided to remove themselves from "Royal firm" duties ?

On the plus side maybe they'll quietly vanish into obscurity and the press will have to cover something else, hopefully less irrelevant.

On the down side, having pocketed £2,500,000 for renovations to Frogmore cottage and lord known how much for Meghans ever expanding wardrobe it looks like they're welshing on a massive debt to the rest of the family that would have expected more from them.

  john bunyan 18:48 09 Jan 2020

Madame Tussaud’s have acted quickly: maybe many others will follow!

waxworks removed

  Al94 18:51 09 Jan 2020

I predict that after the Queen passes on, the Royal Family will quickly fade into relative obscurity.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:06 09 Jan 2020

Madame Tussaud are being just as idiotic as all the speculative nonsense being spewed out by the news media.

  Quickbeam 06:41 10 Jan 2020

It's hard to avoid this story, it's 24/7 global!

But we shouldn't be surprised.

I can't see what the problem is. Thinking back I recall that Harry wanted to on the professional Polo circuit but Charles apparently left him in no doubt that his Royal duties would dictate his life, it's pretty obvious that he doesn't see what the point of being a spare heir is in the 21st century.

He's probably doing them a favour in slimming down the premier league Royals ready for the King Charles's reign in which the monarchy will almost certainly feature much less in British society than the current Queen and previous King and Queen that were pivotal in the standing alone British psyche during and after WW2. That era will end with the current Queen.

  john bunyan 09:10 10 Jan 2020

Megan has flown back to Canada. She clearly misses Hollywood / California and will end up back there , using Canada as a staging post . Too much newsprint wasted on all this.

  Pablo de Catio 09:20 10 Jan 2020

"Megan has flown back to Canada. She clearly misses Hollywood / California"

I thought she had flown back because her son was still in Canada.

isn't that what most mothers would want, to be with their young child?

  john bunyan 12:22 10 Jan 2020

Yes, so why did she leave him there ? They went for a 6 weeks break, not a move. Having spent £2.4 million of taxpayers money refurbishing the U K home, why did they need 6 weeks off at all? Long term , she clearly wants to be back in good old US of A , away from the U.K. tabloids.

  Pablo de Catio 14:47 10 Jan 2020

I think what she clearly misses is her son.

As to the £2.4 million spent. The hiuse

  john bunyan 15:36 10 Jan 2020

Agreed but you don’t answer the points I raised. It was a 6 weeks trip that was meant to be over, so why didn’t she return with him and her husband as planned? Your last remark is incomplete.

If they opt out of being in the Firm, how can they use the brand “Royal Sussex? Total hypocrisy In my view and disrespect to the Monarch

  Belatucadrus 16:45 10 Jan 2020

The rationale for the sudden disclosure was that they were attempting to preempt the Sun who'd got wind of the plan. The fact that Archie got left behind indicates to me that they planned the whole thing weeks ago and the words of the Monarch and the Prince of Wales were ignored from the get go.

Still from a feminist viewpoint it's nice to see Harry is so obedient and I'm sure we'll hear more from Team Sussex when Meghan tells him what his opinion of the debacle is. Maybe they'll send the queen a message telling how loved she is on a banana ?

Part of the problem is that much of middle England sees them not as iconic martyrs to a cause but as a pair of deeply silly hypocrites on a never ending series of holidays jetting about the globe and blaming other people for the environment whilst doing their damnedest to blow the ozone layer away on their own. This failure to worship their facile ( or do I mean flatulent ) prognostications has all been put down to institutionalised racism.

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