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Harry and Meghan step back as "senior" royals

  Belatucadrus 00:49 09 Jan 2020

Is anybody remotely bothered that this pair of over privileged over paid nonentities have decided to remove themselves from "Royal firm" duties ?

On the plus side maybe they'll quietly vanish into obscurity and the press will have to cover something else, hopefully less irrelevant.

On the down side, having pocketed £2,500,000 for renovations to Frogmore cottage and lord known how much for Meghans ever expanding wardrobe it looks like they're welshing on a massive debt to the rest of the family that would have expected more from them.

  Quickbeam 05:38 09 Jan 2020


  john bunyan 06:14 09 Jan 2020

No, and do they really need £600,000 of close protection officers paid by taxpayers?

  Forum Editor 07:55 09 Jan 2020

I'm not sure that I would write Harry off as a 'nonentity'. Before his marriage he showed signs of being a considerable asset to the Royal family and was certainly one of - if not the most - popular of its members.

It has all gone a bit downhill since then, and I am bound to say that I believe his wife has been the main influencing factor in that process. I think that Meghan completely failed to understand what she was letting herself in for, and she has been floundering from the word go.

The way that the pair of them have handled the current situation is frankly a disgrace, and serves to underline their oft demonstrated self-centred approach to their lives. We would probably all like to abdicate responsibility for things we don't like doing, but most of us just have to get on with it - we're not insulated by wealth and privilege.

  Pine Man 08:18 09 Jan 2020

Apparently they want to be self-sufficient, which will involve keeping the house and occasional handouts from Charles!

I wonder when their Civil List payments will cease?

  Belatucadrus 09:42 09 Jan 2020

They also have a funny idea as to what "Self sufficient" means :-

The couple also announced that they would seek financial independence, adding that they would receive no money from the Sovereign Grant, which had reportedly covered 5 percent of their costs. They will, however, continue to accept money from the Duchy of Cornwall, which is run by Prince Charles and has covered 95 percent of their expenses.

A 5% pay cut somehow this doesn't seem such a generous concession seeing as they've handed in their notice.

I eagerly await the news that Mr Henry Windsor and wife have returned all their titles and are seeking gainful employment, presumably something where Harry can't afford to lie in bed all morning agonising about the environment and actually has to do something constructive. I expect it to appear in the press shortly after the discovery of a herd of flying pigs being discovered in the outer Hebrides.

  Cymro. 12:01 09 Jan 2020

I have always said that if being a member of the Royal Family is such a hard life then why don't they just resign? It seems this couple are doing just that. Best of luck to them but for me they are just two less to subsidise.

  Gordon Freeman 12:21 09 Jan 2020

This, in a lesser way, is history repeating: Wallis Simpson & Edward VIII & subsequent abdication. Seems to be the way things pan out when members of the royal household get involved with American commoners. I've noticed a new word in circulation too: Megxit.

  caccy 16:44 09 Jan 2020

Totally agree with FE.

He now looks as if he is is on a lead which he never did before his marriage.

  Old Deuteronomy 18:38 09 Jan 2020

I see absolutely no problem with them standing down from frontline royal duties. Harry is extremely unlikely to be king and anyone, including the news media, getting their knickers in a twist needs to calm down and concern themselves with things that actually matter, like the ongoing underfunding of the NHS.

  Forum Editor 18:46 09 Jan 2020

"...anyone, including the news media, getting their knickers in a twist needs to calm down and concern themselves with things that actually matter, like the ongoing underfunding of the NHS."

I don't quite follow your mental leap from the media coverage of the Royal family to the underfunding of the HNS - there has been a great deal of attention paid to NHS funding, and surely there is room for more than one thing of interest in your life?

Believe it or not, huge numbers of people are extremely interested in the doings of the Royals, and not just in this country.

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