Harrow PCT closing down our Village Surgery

  ronalddonald 23:30 31 Mar 2010

From the 6th of April Harrow PCT will close down Pinner Village Surgery. According to Julie Taylor Head of Contracts From Harrow PCT claims that they cant sustain the surgery.

We are now being told that Pinn Medical Centre will provide a GP service for all the patients that were registered at pinner surgery.

Harrow Pct HPCT sent us a letter with another letter from The Pinn Centre TPC.

Seems very odd that the HPCT cant give us a list of GPs in our area only to be told we have to go to the local library or the citizens advice bureau to get hold of this information. The TPC is based in the Marks and Spencer car park, where patients will now have to pay form parking.

TPC was built about a year ago because of the Flu outbreak.The Village Surgery has been around for a very very long time a good number of decades. We always had free parking at the village surgery

  bremner 23:39 31 Mar 2010


  robgf 00:24 01 Apr 2010

I hope you have more success than when my village surgery closed for three years.
We were supposed to go to the towns either side of us, but their surgeries couldn't cope with an extra 4000 patients. And so, if you phoned one, they would redirect you to the other and visa versa, I wasn't registered with a doctor, for the whole three years.
If you were seriously ill, you couldn't get a doctor to see you and people took to calling 999.
Eventually they reopened the surgery.

  morddwyd 06:40 01 Apr 2010

"Eventually they reopened the surgery."

Don't you regard that as success?

  BT 08:55 01 Apr 2010

It happens all over.
We had a Drop In surgery here on the outskirts of Norwich which provided nursing services 7 days a week, where you could go for minor injuries etc. It was located next to a large supermarket and so had use of the (free)car park.
This has now been moved into the city centre and is located in the Shopping Mall. OK there are now Doctors available but Parking is at a premium and only in the Mall car park, or you can use the bus.

  sunnystaines 09:31 01 Apr 2010

the future is small surgerys and health centres will close and be replaced with large 24 hour health centres managed by large companies, Virgin is one of these companies interested.

  Newuser38 10:30 01 Apr 2010

Each PCT has a website click here a list of GP's etc should be included. The local council is likely to have a Health Scrutiny committee which normally looks at this type of change and can in some cases overrule it. The website will also have full details of Board members the majority of whom will be Non Executives. It may be worth all involved taking the whole problem further.

  eikonuj 10:39 01 Apr 2010

What's a PCT and a TPC.
Just briefly googled it but still no clue.

  sunnystaines 11:20 01 Apr 2010

pct - primary care trust

  eikonuj 15:09 01 Apr 2010

Thank you.

  anchor 15:26 01 Apr 2010

Having looked at the Harrow PCT site, you can follow a link to find GP`s in your area that are accepting new patients.

There are quite a few within 2 mls of Pinner. Make you own choice of doctor.

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