Diemmess 10:13 19 Dec 2007

I discovered a copy of this little joke on a 1999 CD of bits I had archived.
As soon as the file was listed, AVG popped up with "Virus detected!"

Does anyone else remember this, and would anyone dare to run it now?

It was saved in the days when I was using 98SE.
A real white knuckle ride for the unsuspecting.

Briefly the screen clears and a message appears offering to wipe the HD... OK?
Whatever you do with the mouse, the process appears to delete tree after tree of folders before stopping at C:> and an announcement that there are now no files on your computer!

After about 10 black seconds, the screen clears again and the message "Thank God this was only a joke" plus a small ad for a software management firm.

Needless to say on closing the program, all is back to normal.

  birdface 11:39 19 Dec 2007

Don't send it to any of your friends.And yes I remember getting it from my Niece.I was not amused.[But then I don't have much of a sense of humour.]Scan it with your AVG to make sure its ok first.And wait for all the crap to get back to you when you send it.

  Diemmess 12:09 19 Dec 2007

Originally an accountant mentioned it, and covering himself emailed it to me with the warning "You asked for it."

I sent it to a techie friend warning him it was a white knuckle ride. His email reply was something like "I ought to say thankyou, but I wont!"

Another (much less technically minded)but also warned, told me how her adult daughter came to visit and cleared Mum's email for her.

She said her daughter had shrieked and aged 20 years during that visit.

I'm certain the Happy.exe file I have mimics a virus enough to trigger defences, but is still exactly the same file as first sent to me.

Anyone like to try it?

  CatTrading 12:46 19 Dec 2007

Any .exe file should be virused check before opening.
I hardly ever open up .exe attachments when they are forwarded onto me for the one reason it's the easiest way to get a virus.

  interzone55 12:53 19 Dec 2007

I think you'll find that if Happy.exe is allowed to run it will then attempt to add itself to every email you send.

I have a feeling that most email clients will rip the file out before dispatch though.

I remember accidentally picking it up from a usenet group an then unwittingly sending it on with every posting.

  Diemmess 14:13 19 Dec 2007

The Happy.exe I'm talking about is long out of circulation, and a really clever little piece of software.

If I have concerns they are that the program was written 10 years ago when AV stuff was less anxious to condemn almost anything outside the norm .... I just wondered if anyone wanted to try it on today's more sophisticated and very heavily protected computers.

With the built in blocking and protection in most email systems it may be difficult to mail a copy!

One thing which distinguishes it from any virus is that it doesn't replicate itself at all.

At the time (probably) 10 years ago it took a double click on a smiley icon to run it and at the end on closing the file, everything went back to normal.

  crosstrainer 14:13 19 Dec 2007

Don't send, and don't use...Plenty of other "Jokes" around

  Forum Editor 16:01 19 Dec 2007

are best left in the past. Happy.exe caused a great deal of distress when it was in circulation.

  Diemmess 16:18 19 Dec 2007

I rediscovered Happy.exe on an old CD while looking for an older photo.

It was never my intention to circulate grief for anyone.

My own memories are thrills with a happy ending, circulated only to those who understood what was coming should they wish to try it.

I thought it might generate some memories from an earlier era with <5Gb HD and a pentium 1 screaming along at 100Mhz.

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