Happy St Andrew's day what do you know

  Pablo de Catio 06:14 30 Nov 2016

A small quiz.


  Quickbeam 07:20 30 Nov 2016

I know Pablo de Catio isn't a traditional Scottish clan name!

  Quickbeam 07:28 30 Nov 2016


It's quite hard/obscure, pure guesswork for most of it, I hope I'm still allowed to move there!

  morddwyd 07:45 30 Nov 2016

Seemed more about St Andrew than St Andrew's Day.

  Forum Editor 08:23 30 Nov 2016


Like you, I scored 8 out of twenty - mostly by guessing. I imagine most people would be in a similar position. The same would probably apply to most patron saints, I think. In my case it would, anyway.

  Govan1x 09:14 30 Nov 2016

Well there you go I was born in Scotland and don't have a clue when St Andrews day is. There is an excuse for me I cant remember some of my own family birthdays my wife has to tell me.

I never did the test as I would have failed miserably so well done all who did and came up with reasonable scores.

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