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Happy New Year to all Sinophiles

  john bunyan 19:06 24 Jan 2020

For tomorrow: Happy New Year.


  john bunyan 07:28 25 Jan 2020

It’s today; surprising that it’s not mentioned much.

  Brumas 10:21 25 Jan 2020

john bunyan Kung Hei Fat Choy ;o}

  john bunyan 10:29 25 Jan 2020


Thanks - spent a lot of time in Far East. Play link above!!

  Brumas 10:33 25 Jan 2020

john bunyan when I click the lick it just brings me back to this page??

  Brumas 10:45 25 Jan 2020

Forget what I said, I thought I would try Ublock Origin but find it is a little too fierce for me so I have reverted back to Adblock and all systems are go.

Had I been able to open the link before i obviously would have wrote something more original!!

  john bunyan 11:26 25 Jan 2020

No problem. That is in Cantonese; not sure what it is in Mandarin. A friend, Paddy Ashdown, spoke the latter like a Chinese, sadly no longer with us.

  john bunyan 11:38 25 Jan 2020

Gong she fa tsai - English spelling.

Chinese culture and history is so fascinating.

  Brumas 12:41 25 Jan 2020

john bunyan, totally agree.

  Forum Editor 13:17 25 Jan 2020

"Chinese culture and history is so fascinating."

It is, and it's a great pity that so many people seem to view China's history as if it began when Communism entered the equation, in 1949.

The truth is very different of course, What we know as China was first unified as a nation in 221 BC, but the cultural influences that formed the nation were evolving 7000 years ago.

I worked in China, on and off, over a 10 year period and I got to know a little of the astonishing cultural complexity of a country that has (at the last count) 1.4 billion inhabitants. You could spend a lifetime studying Chinese cultural history and you would still have only scratched the surface.

  john bunyan 13:51 25 Jan 2020

For a very brief glimpse read here: It’s hard to find something they DIDN’T invent.

Chinese inventions

We are relative newcomers to civilisation

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