Happy Centenary Royal Air Force

  john bunyan 09:26 01 Apr 2018

To all RAF and associates- well done on the centenary of a great group who were and are so critical in our nation’s defence.

  onthelimit1 12:28 01 Apr 2018

50 years to the day since I joined!

  alanrwood 13:30 01 Apr 2018

A mere sprog.

  morddwyd 19:21 01 Apr 2018

I realised with quite a surprise that it was only 35 years old when I joined, and I had been a member for more than half its life when I left!

  morddwyd 19:15 02 Apr 2018

50 years to the day since I joined!

I joined on 15 September.

One of the questions in our first Progress Test was "Of what significance is 15 September in the history of the Royal Air Force! ".

Naturally at least half the intake of 375 answered "It's the day I joined."

We were warned as to our future conduct!

  john bunyan 19:59 02 Apr 2018

A schoolboy knows, or used to , that it was Battle of Britain Day. My mother was a WAAF driver in WW2 , from driving bomb tow trucks to staff driver for Air Chif Marshall Sir Phillip Joubert de la Ferte (I think) as she was with Coastal Command. My father was a navigator with 207 Squadron, Bomber Command. His last few missions included Milan (x2) Leverkusen (x2) Berlin then shot down by a German night fighter on way back from Berlin again in Aug 1943. Two uncles also in RAF in WW2 . I worked and stayed with many RAF places and people when in RM ( formed 1664!)

  morddwyd 09:14 03 Apr 2018

schoolboy knows, or used to , that it was Battle of Britain Day.

Of course we knew. We were at an RAF training academy and we'd never have got a place in the first place without a good working knowledge of RAF history, particular'y as it was only eight years after the end of the war, and all our teachers had chests full of medals.

However, as well as a sense of history, a sense of humour was also considered an asset.

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