Happy anniversary to the 747

  TOPCAT® 22:34 30 Sep 2006

It's thirty eight years this weekend since the first 747 rolled out of the factory. Something to celebrate? Well, yes and no. Many of those earlier planes are destined for that 'graveyard in the sky' - waxing lyrical I am but actually they're dismembered on the ground of course. Quite a few have been chopped up already but, in the next decade or so, some eight thousand planes could be no more.

It is interesting to note that the modern versions contain substantial amounts of carbon fibre, and this is much easier and far quicker to recycle. The quality of the end product is so good, say Boeing, that they are confident it can be used in new manufacture. This cannot be said of the earlier planes however, as their construction poses more recycling difficulties.

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Maybe Boeing (or BA) could offer one as a gift to the FE to go with his Jumbo passport? After all, he is a very frequent business traveller, is he not? ;o) TC.

  spuds 11:32 01 Oct 2006

A little more interesting history of the 747 click here

I started to use it from the 1970's, and I must say, that going from the 707's to the 747's, was like going from the greasy spoon café to eating out at the Ritz. Best move the airlines ever did, and Boeing for re-designing air travel.

wiz-king/WTM. Never mind the C-130, try the UK/Jo'burg/Capetown relaxing route ;o)

  def90csw 12:09 01 Oct 2006

Been flying in 747's for the last 30 years and everytime i get in one it's always the start of a great adventure. WTM 12k in a C130 (Fat Albert) now that is fun!

  Forum Editor 12:57 01 Oct 2006

Spending a lot of time on a particular aircraft may not be reason enough to love it per se, but believe me, I love the 747. It's carried me around the world for many years in total saftey and comfort, and I have a deep affection for it.

  WhiteTruckMan 15:37 01 Oct 2006

Thats interesting-a whole new use of the word 'fun' that I wasn't previously aware of!


  Pidder 15:50 01 Oct 2006

How many of us can say we flew in a Lancaster?

  Colin 15:52 01 Oct 2006

I thought that this thread is meant to be one for fond or otherwise experiences of the 747 or other aircraft for that matter. I'm not sure what WTM is getting at. Is he the new Gandalf?

  WhiteTruckMan 15:56 01 Oct 2006

that the position of gandalf was vacant. If it is, I have no wish whatsoever to apply for it, as it is far too time consuming for my tasts.


  Colin 15:59 01 Oct 2006

I rest my case.

  Forum Editor 16:04 01 Oct 2006

I can, but not as a member of the crew I hasten to add!

  Diemmess 16:04 01 Oct 2006

When the 747 was almost new I drove 100miles on a personal errand to Hounslow round the back of the cargo area close to the approach runway at Heathrow.
I saw a 747 on finals, and still have a thrill remembering how this huge aircraft seemed almost suspended in the sky. It was at approach speed of course but because of its size, seemed to take forever to float past.

Like all good engineering, the end product "looks right for its job."

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