Hands up those who have never spilled a cup....

  Diemmess 18:22 10 Aug 2005

Too much clutter on the antique desk, put a mug of hot tea down on the edge of a library book and spent a frantic minute or two mopping up before the antique's finish was marred for ever.

Secondary task to upend the keyboard which had a rather wet corner. Final task to dry everything properly and pretend I hadn't done it!

Following morning needing to send an urgent reply to an e-mail, typing 'm' produced 'thmy' as soon as I hit 'm'. Back space worked but delete produced * instead.

There were other keys not behaving and rebooting produced no improvement. Bought another keyboard locally. Horrid black keys with fine white letters. It worked but decided that my favourite, once an office throwout - a no nonsense Cherry was worth another look. I had nothing to lose.

It came to bits after poking a useful screwdriver in all sorts of places to release plastic catches, and though there was no sign of free moisture there were cunning laminations of mylar and rubber right down to the contact surfaces of the circuit.

Left the sections in a warm dry place for an hour, blew off any bits helped by a clean dry finger, and reassembled.

The keyboard cover on this job when released is just fancy plastic, with nice well made loose keys rattling about, so I was able to do the unthinkable and scrub it under the tap with a pan brush.- It hasn't been so clean since new!

Obviously I was lucky and it all works fine again, but as the man in the shop said, "lucky it wasn't a laptop!"

  wiz-king 18:38 10 Aug 2005

I had a urgent plea for a new keyboard from my companies London office, could I send one up the next morning as the one on the main server was not working. When they sent it back it was dripping with purple gunge, someone had left a cardboard pack of blackcurrant juice on top of the monitor for a few days and it had fermented and eventually it blew up and there was blackcurrant wine everywhere. A couple of hours in a bath of water, a short ultrasonic clean and two days in a warm cupboard and it worked again.

  stalion 19:42 10 Aug 2005

no good crying over spilt tea

  sidecar sid 19:57 10 Aug 2005

Never Tea only Beer :-)

Don’t try this at home folks

click here

  Andybear 22:42 10 Aug 2005

Years ago I had a job where, as part of my duties, I operated a switchboard for about 60 people. One day I spilt coffee over it which stopped it working and calls were going all over the place. I was not popular!!

  Kev.Ifty 00:13 11 Aug 2005

I think you need one of these thingy's

click here

  DieSse 00:34 11 Aug 2005

I read a site recently where a keyboard owner reckoned that every year he put his keyborad in the swimming pool for 24hrs - then dried it for a couple of days in the sun - and it was going strong after 7 years.

Personally I don't think I'm going to try it :-)))

  Chegs ® 13:31 11 Aug 2005

I am still using the fancy keyboard that came with my 1st PC(Compaq Internet jobby)It has had tea/coffee/beer/food(jam,etc)and all manner of grot over it.I wait until the letters on the keys are illegible or a key sticks.then strip it down and run a bowl of warmish water.The components get dumped into it,the scrubbing brush is located and a few minutes spent rubbing the keys in various directions and copious amounts of water poured over it.Then its balanced on the top of the heating radiator for a few hours to dry out.Occasionally,a bit of moisture lingers in between the circuitboards(plastic film)and the hairdryer is brought into the foray to alleviate the strings of say zzzzzzzzzz that are created.Result,one old keyboard that looks like its only just been unpacked after purchase.

  wiz-king 15:54 11 Aug 2005

I remember a member of our laboratory staff who took all the keys off of one of our GLC integrators to clean them and when he came to put them back found that they were user specific and not in the same place as a normal qwerty keyboard, he asked the manufacturers in the states to fax over a keyboard layout for the none standard keys. Then he realized that we had another one in the cupboard and he could just have looked at that!

  pj123 16:43 11 Aug 2005

I can honestly say I have never spilt anything (anywhere near a computer).

Everywhere I have been involved with computers has always been "A no drinks/food area". It works. I used to teach IT for a county council and the rule was: "No drinks, food or smoking in the computer room". I am retired now but still teach privately. I have 8 computers and I still apply that rule. Obviously, I have no say in what people do in their own home but if it was someone I taught, I would hope they stick to those rules.

  Joe R 20:04 11 Aug 2005

Got to own up,

I've more than once spilled a hot drink over my keyboard. My good half, and the kids, all call me calamity.

I've always got at least one spare keyboard and mouse, itemized and ready for action, (in some cupboard somewhere), though it has been a few years now since my last disaster.

Best about it is, I don't allow my kids on my P.C., with any food or drink.

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