Hamilton on pole for the seasons best race...

  Si_L 23:51 06 Sep 2008

If you only watch one F1 race all season, make sure its this one. Belgium's Spa is by a long way the best circuit on the calender, its a beautiful track and such a technical challenge. Whats more, we have a British driver in pole.

Starts at 1:00 tomorrow, don't miss it!

  MCE2K5 02:13 07 Sep 2008

Bet it Rains.

  ened 08:38 07 Sep 2008

Let us hope so!

Call me an old cynic but I am wondering what other measures the FIA can come up with to assist a Ferrari win again!

  birdface 09:26 07 Sep 2008

Maybe British but he does not stay here.Maybe he does not like paying tax like the rest of us had to.Will I care if he wins or loses.No.But that is only my opinion.Sour grapes I have been told.Maybe.

  ened 09:42 07 Sep 2008

Mclaren are a British team and I would like to see him win the Championship this year because I sincerely believe something distinctly dodgy went on at the end of last year and he was cheated out of it.

  birdface 10:26 07 Sep 2008

Sorry not really into motor sport.I will watch it if nothing else worth watching.Was it last year or the year before when they received a hefty fine for infringing the rules.I think that you will find that they should have won last year,But it was bad organization when they kept him out with no grip on his tyres when he had the race all but won.So they can only blame themselves for that.

  interzone55 12:14 07 Sep 2008

If you were pulling an 8 figure salary would you stay & pay taxes?

I think the biggest reason he moved to Switzerland is their privacy laws make it easy to keep the ravenous press at bay, a lesson we could do with learning I think...

  birdface 13:57 07 Sep 2008

The poor have to pay there taxes.Why should the rich not have to pay.Just my views I am sure nobody will agree with me.Anyhow moving off the subject of the thread so will leave it for so will leave it for the racing fans to comment on the Grand Prix and the end result.

  powerless 14:31 07 Sep 2008

Now that was a great ending to the race.!!!

  peter99co 14:32 07 Sep 2008

Bet it Rains! What a finish!

  Marko797 14:32 07 Sep 2008

& wow what a great finish from LH

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