Halogen ovens

  Curio 10:26 19 Jul 2009

Our microwave is starting to play up after many years. My better half is thinking of replacing it with a Halogen oven as they do just about everything that the microwave used to do. Anyone in a family with one? Ease of use, cleaning, recipes etc, info greatly appreciated.

  johndrew 11:45 19 Jul 2009

I found these which may offer some opinions click here click here

And a few recipes to get you going click here

I looked because our microwave is over 25 years old and starting to give up the ghost as well.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:49 19 Jul 2009

click here= is the one I have. It does exactly what it says and is particulkarly good for cooking fish and steaks. All the meats are moist and the oven is a doddle to clean although the 'automatic' cleaning is not worth the effort. click here= has a selection of recipes.
I would buy the accessories pack but the lid stand is not worth it. Make sure you get one of this size as some ovens are much smaller and cannot fit much in them.


  peter99co 13:49 19 Jul 2009

I am on my second one. The old one is not broken. I updated to the Halogen from just a hot air fan because it is better.

Great for Chicken and Chips. Anything you can put in a small oven you can cook with these, but quicker.

  Brumas 15:10 19 Jul 2009

I find them really good for defrosting (if you forget and are in a hurry) as they don't 'cook' the meat at the extremities like a microwave manages to.

  Graham. 10:55 20 Jul 2009

Excellent results from mine click here, the lid is hinged so you don't need to put it down. The digital controls are worth the extra.

  peter99co 11:07 20 Jul 2009

Excellent Version but at twice the price. :-)

  Charence 11:12 20 Jul 2009

Do you mean there are 2 different types? The fan on mine always has to blow the hot air, which is not so good for things like cakes.

The newer halogen ones don't require the fan to always turn?

  Snec 11:24 20 Jul 2009

They are great while they work.

We got our first one in March, see click here

1st one… worked for two minutes.

2nd one… worked daily for four months until it stopped working. The main cooker was not used at all during this time.

3rd one… worked for two meals and we are now awaiting another (4th) replacement.

If only they could be relied upon they would be invaluable, to us at least, since they are so much easier to use than a full cooker and so much quicker too.
There is nothing that a full cooker is used for that cannot be done much easier and quicker in the halogen.

I have discovered from the guy who picks up the returns that scores of them go back.

Coopers have asked if we want our money back. We don’t! We love these things and will just have to put up with the inconvenience of being without from time to time.
After the 12 month warranty period is over we intend to buy another. They are cheap enough to buy one every year.
In fact you would easily finance the purchase price with the saving made in energy costs.

  Curio 19:08 20 Jul 2009

Wifey found a neighbour who had recently bought one. After discussion with her decision made to give one a try. Short-listed 3 and eventually settled for one from Coopers (same as shown by GANDALF <|:-)>)

  Quickbeam 19:25 20 Jul 2009

I take it you don't allow her access to this forum then:)

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