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Halogen lamps keep failing freqently

  bumpkin 20:29 24 May 2015

I have several wall light fitings in which I have halogen bulbs 12 in all. I find that they are frequently failing and I have to replace them. By that I mean that I will be replacing 2 to 4 bulbs per month. I accept that they could be crap bulbs but someone has suggested that it may be a fault with the electrics. I am fairly clued up on electrics and cannot see that being the being the problem but am prepared to listen to anyone with suggestions.

  bumpkin 12:47 25 May 2015

they will eventually pay for themselves.

That is what I thought about halogen with their guaranteed life but never getting anywhere near it. I will see how the LED's perform. If it is an electrical fault I have no idea what to check for as the circuit breaker never trips nor does my additional earth leakage protection which is sensitive enough to trip even on a neutral to earth fault.

  bumpkin 12:54 25 May 2015

I also had one of them explode a few months back, no minor thing, it made a huge bang with fragments of hot glass flying all over the room which could have been very serious had it hit someone in the eye.

  bumpkin 22:28 03 Jun 2015

Got some LEDs a few days back, Hideous things and totally unsuitable for wall lights. That aside I have put them elsewhere and am quite impressed. I would still like more light though and can only find ones that go up to 7watt. does anyone know where I can obtain more powerful ones.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:47 03 Jun 2015

Problem is the higher the wattage the bigger the heat sink is required for the LED(s) - makes it even uglier.

a 60w LED is as bright as a 500W halogen

you can replace your car headlights with LEDs but they will need a driver box and a cooling fan.

  AroundAgain 23:50 03 Jun 2015

The LED lights (spotlights - R63) I got the other day are 8w, giving equiv 60w, from Homebase. That's very little more though

I didn't see a range of other wattage available.

  Dragon_Heart 01:16 04 Jun 2015

Yes a finger mark on a halogen bulb can soon burn it out. The grease from the finger print causes the bulb to over heat. Use a soft clean cloth or clean cotton gloves.

If not that, then the only other cause is probably voltage fluctuations. Do you know if your power supply is consistent ?

  Peter 17:47 04 Jun 2015


Perhaps not a solution for your wall lights, but if you want to stick to Halogen bulbs, the low voltage (12V) ones have a much better lifespan than the 230V ones.

I had several ceilings in different rooms of my house fitted with lights flush to the ceiling, a few years back. The electrician fitting the lights recommended low voltage ones over 230 Volt ones due to the longer lifespan. I was a bit suspicious as I could not see how running the lights at low voltage, assuming the correct type were used, would make any difference to their lifespan.

The bulbs have lasted for much longer than I expected with a couple failing early on, within a few days, but otherwise hardly any failures. I understand that the lower voltage isn't supplied by just a transformer, but also by some electronics which switch the bulbs on, and perhaps off, a little slowly over the space of about half a second. This reduces the thermal shock effect quite dramatically, thus increasing the bulb lifespan substantially.

If you can fit the small transformer type unit somewhere hidden this low voltage type bulb might help you get a long life out of them. I hope this helps.


  bumpkin 18:21 04 Jun 2015

Fruit Bat, thanks for the info, I am looking for some that will give out the equivalent of a 100w incadescent.

DragonHeart, the ones I am using have a small halogen bulb which is enclosed in a glass outer casing the size of a candle bulb, I do not actually touch the halogen lamp. I also have outside halogen lights and am very careful not to touch them with my fingers on the rare occassion that they fail. How do I know if I have voltage fluctuations, would that not trigger one of my trips. I dont know what is causing it so will probably go back to normal bulbs when I run out of halogen spares.

Peter, your suggestion is good but in my case not practical as they are wall lights not ceiling lights so to fit transformers would require taking up the flooring in the rooms above and some serious rewiring, the cost of which I can not justify.

Thanks to all for your replies.

  AroundAgain 22:19 04 Jun 2015

I was in Asda earlier this evening and I saw they had some LED bulbs which were 18w (100W equiv) and also some 10w (60W equiv)

Hope that's helpful ...?

  bumpkin 12:21 05 Jun 2015

Thanks Around Again, I have managed to find some on the net including some neat little candle ones that would suit my wall lights £7 to £10 each though:-(

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