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Halogen lamps keep failing freqently

  bumpkin 20:29 24 May 2015

I have several wall light fitings in which I have halogen bulbs 12 in all. I find that they are frequently failing and I have to replace them. By that I mean that I will be replacing 2 to 4 bulbs per month. I accept that they could be crap bulbs but someone has suggested that it may be a fault with the electrics. I am fairly clued up on electrics and cannot see that being the being the problem but am prepared to listen to anyone with suggestions.

  bumpkin 20:31 24 May 2015

that being I meant but no edit.

  Aitchbee 20:46 24 May 2015

Halogen bulbs require careful handling - so it's best to give 'em the 'kid-glove' treatment - so always wear gloves when installing them.

  bumpkin 21:06 24 May 2015

Misty, that is my next move, in fact I have ordered led bulbs today. Tried all sorts of bulbs in the past. never had a problem with incandescent in the past but they do use a lot more energy. Replace one occassionaly, yes but not a regular thing. Also tried the mini flourescent super saver bulbs which apart from looking hideous, despite their claims of "equivalent to" I found them very poor (You should get a free white stick with them) Time to try the latest technology hoping that it is not as dissapointing as some previous options.

  bumpkin 21:33 24 May 2015

I think it is probably my fault for buying cheap bulbs. I am going to try the LED option, expensive but if they work ok that will suit me.

  namtas 21:47 24 May 2015

I have found that some types of bulb holders are more prone to Halogen bulb failures that others, I have noticed that short life is more so where the holder covers almost up the face of the bulb, these bulbs seem to work at a much higher temperature and I assume that this is the reason that they have a shorter life.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:29 24 May 2015

As above

Halogen lamps run very hot and if the heat cannot escape easily due to being trapped in the shade then they will burn out quickly.

My Ikea kitchen lamps did this till replaced with LEDs

  morddwyd 08:04 25 May 2015

Running hot, i.e. poor ventilation, sometimes a cause.

Be careful of replacing with LED - remember my kitchen light saga of a few months back!

  Pine Man 11:10 25 May 2015

I am going to try the LED option, expensive but if they work ok that will suit me.

Expensive they may be but the savings in electricity are significant and they will eventually pay for themselves.

  bumpkin 11:36 25 May 2015

thanks for the comments, if this were to be an electrical fault then I am puzzled as to what kind of fault would cause bulbs to blow other than peaking and what could cause that.

  AroundAgain 12:16 25 May 2015

Please forgive the intrusion but I'd just like to say "Thanks, guys". I think you may have solved my kitchen lights problem :)

I'm fed up replacing the spot lights (4) in my kitchen - currently, they're all 'dead'

I'm off to buy some LED spot lights instead of the halogen ones!

Thanks for raising the issue, Bumpkin, and thanks to you all for your suggestions ;)

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