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Halloween, where do you draw the line?

  canarieslover 20:31 31 Oct 2017

I am not against Halloween, as it's my wedding anniversary, but I really can't understand parents who take young children out knocking on doors when they should be in bed. I have just answered the door to a young girl who could not have been very far past her second birthday and it's twenty past eight. Am I really just an old moaner or do I expect too much of parents? I know that at two years old I was sound asleep in bed, as we're my own children at that age, before eight o'clock. Rant over and I will return to my glass of wine as I celebrate 53 years of marriage!!

  geoff96 10:03 02 Nov 2017

"Same with Mother's and Father's Days, that I do not recall in '40's to '50's"

I can remember Mother's Day in the 50's. On some occasions it came close to my mothers birthday and on one occasion it was the same day.

  canarieslover 12:09 02 Nov 2017

At least with Halloween taking up the end of October it seems to have the effect of killing off the "Penny for the guy" brigade. I quite appreciated some of their guys, even when it was obvious that it was one of the younger ones dressed up in rags and a mask.

  Megan888 14:58 02 Nov 2017

I like Halloween and we always celebrate it. But speaking about little children who come to unknown people when it's too late, I agree that it's wring. My children are at home at this time because I'm afraid for them. Also I don't want them to annoy the other people. Everything is good in its season, I guess.

  caccy 17:44 03 Nov 2017


P.S. Do we all have to have do a mental arithmeic test before posting now?Took me back to my primary school days.

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