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Halloween, where do you draw the line?

  canarieslover 20:31 31 Oct 2017

I am not against Halloween, as it's my wedding anniversary, but I really can't understand parents who take young children out knocking on doors when they should be in bed. I have just answered the door to a young girl who could not have been very far past her second birthday and it's twenty past eight. Am I really just an old moaner or do I expect too much of parents? I know that at two years old I was sound asleep in bed, as we're my own children at that age, before eight o'clock. Rant over and I will return to my glass of wine as I celebrate 53 years of marriage!!

  Aitchbee 21:08 31 Oct 2017

Yesterday I bought a dracula wig at my local bigname store and I'm wearing it now!

  Pablo de Catio 21:09 31 Oct 2017

We always celebrate for Halloween. We dress up the entrance and hallway. Sweets for the youngsters and assorted drinks for the parents. The youngest we have had is around 4 years old, the oldest requesting a treat around 14. This year just better than average with 53 children calling.

We enjoyed it, I am sure the children did as did some of the parents who opted for an alcoholic drink.


  Pablo de Catio 21:12 31 Oct 2017


The wife made me a waistcoat and bow tie from skull fabric. I got a few funny looks when I popped into town to pick up some pizza's

  Aitchbee 21:21 31 Oct 2017

The young serving at the local Post Office this morning had a nice little red dress on but her face was painted white with black eyes and lips to look like a skeleton.

I refrained from making any comments and remained straight faced as I paid my council tax.

  Aitchbee 21:30 31 Oct 2017

oops, should have read, 'young lady serving ...'

  canarieslover 21:50 31 Oct 2017

We have a big bowl of sweets to hand out, and I don't mind doing it, it's that I just get annoyed when young children are kept up so late. Obviously one of the parents had rung the bell but then they retreated 20 yards to the front gate and left the little girl on her own. She just stood there without saying a thing and held her bucket out and no "thank you" when I put sweets in her bucket. If anything she just looked confused and didn't know what to do when I said goodnight and started to close the door. Not a good way for the parents to treat the child in my opinion.

  Brumas 21:51 31 Oct 2017

I put this on my front door and I never have a problem.

  Forum Editor 22:22 31 Oct 2017

In the past, we have had quite a few children trick or treating, but tonight just two - our near neighbours.

Now I will have to eat my way through the two big packs of haribos laid in by my wife.

  Govan1x 22:54 31 Oct 2017

I think most of us did it as kids Victor. It is not as safe for kids nowadays to go out in the dark so it is fading away.

  Menzie 23:26 31 Oct 2017

I live in some flats downtown in a city. This time of year the property management office downstairs asked for volunteers and for boxes of sweets and treats from the residents.

They then decorate the party room into a haunted house and give the treats out to the kids.

Just in case we got a box of chocolates in reserve so if anyone knocks we are prepared.

Here Halloween is a big deal with many front gardens completely transformed. They showed a gentleman on TV who even has a hearse in his driveway to complete his haunted house.

Many are also doing elaborate haunted houses with the money going to various charities for children.

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