Halloween - anyone do anything?

  DANZIG 14:44 12 Nov 2008

Maybe a bit after the fact, but does anyone actually do anything for Halloween anymore, apart from little kids trick or treating, or does it pass you by like any other day.

There are two reasons I ask - 1)- If I wssn't forced to celebrate it at work I wouldn't (except maybe watch a scary film and 2)- Its an excuse to show off some pics of me at work 'entertaining' my customers...


Those of a nervous disposition may choose to look away now! lol

click here

click here

click here

  Legolas 14:52 12 Nov 2008

I am soooo glad you gave the warning, that is the scariest thing I've seen all year :))

  DANZIG 14:53 12 Nov 2008


My Facebook account is pretty much filled with the same sentiment...

  Cymro. 16:16 12 Nov 2008

The photos look as if they were taken at a Bingo Hall so I wonder what all those old ladies who go to such places made of it all? It looks to me as if they all had a better halloween night than I did.

  Legolas 16:45 12 Nov 2008

Sorry DANZIG to answer you original question I spent Halloween on the Isle of Arran, my favourite haunt for a few days break, and although they had a Halloween party in the local village hall I didn't go not being a party lover, but to all accounts it seems to have been a good night.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 12 Nov 2008

Had a Halloween barbecue on the Saturday night, although the weather was atrocious we all had a good time.

There were no "trick or treaters" round our neighbourhood at all this year.

  tullie 17:23 12 Nov 2008

Another import that we can do without...sorry

  Forum Editor 17:27 12 Nov 2008

Halloween is an enjoyable event, but I always find it a little pointless, frankly.

That said, we had a group of six kids at the door this year who had obviously made a serious effort - they looked superb in their outfits, complete with luminous faces and horns. My wife loaded them up with so many treats they could hardly carry them, and I heard myself congratulating them on their efforts, despite my dislike of people knocking on doors with their hand out.

  Legolas 18:00 12 Nov 2008

Trick or treating is certainly an import from our American cousins but I know that up here in Scotland we have been celebrating "Halloween" for years. When I was young you went round the doors and if invited in you had do "do a turn" to get your monkey nuts, fruit, sweets and on the odd occasion money. The "turn" normally consisted of the "guiser" click here as we were known in Scotland, singing a song reciting a poem or telling a joke, only after that did you get your rewards. There was none of this "trick or treat nonsense.

  Condom 20:05 12 Nov 2008

As a Scot I too remember as a child celebrating Halloween. We use to make enough money to last us until Xmas ( Sorry FE but it is part of the story). We spent weeks rehearsing our acts and jealously hiding what we were doing and wearing from our friends.

Families used to love "guisers" (as we were called) arriving in groups and it was a great evening's entertainment for everyone.

This was mainly a Celtic thing until the terrible trick or treat arrived via the USA. Sadly with people being afraid to open their doors and a general rise in "yobbish" behaviour the magic has been lost.

Perhaps one day it may return to what it used to be like but I'm not holding my breath.

  Legolas 20:29 12 Nov 2008

Ah these halcyon days when you could go round strangers doors and into their houses and your parents didn't give it a moments thought. As you say it was a great evenings entertainment.

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