HalfLife 2 - Episode 1

  brundle 22:47 06 Jun 2006

Downloading now - HL2 is the best FPS game I've played for years in almost every area, even working pretty well on my relatively meagre system specs (Athlon 2.6, 512mb RAM, GF5700). Any opinions or thoughts from members on HL2 or the latest episode?

  gudgulf 23:00 06 Jun 2006

If you enjoyed HL2 then you will find Episode 1 just as enjoyable.........No spoilers here,but the graphics quality has been improved quite a bit more so it's much more taxing on your system.

You might find you need to drop a few settings compared to what you used in HL2.

  semag 08:34 07 Jun 2006

I was disappointed with HL2, nice graphics but the game wasn't as good as the first one, im playing Pain Killer, Battle Out Of Hell at the moment and its great!!!

  Colin 12:27 07 Jun 2006

I agree with semag. I wasn't too impressed with HL or HL2, but I've played Painkiller and Battle out of Hell about 5 times each. Maybe some people prefer a viable storyline, I just like to shoot things!

  gudgulf 12:54 07 Jun 2006

You've just solved my dilemma of what to play next.......just finished HL2 Episode 1 and couldn't decide what to play next.

Battle out of Hell has been sat on my pc for a while now......unplayed!!!!

Let the carnage begin,lol.

  tony58 13:46 07 Jun 2006

in HL2 do you have to sling all the oil barrells down into the water tank to climb up to the concrete ring and through to the next level?

  kiddgame2000 16:35 07 Jun 2006

Im a really big computer game fan in general and first person shooter fan in particular but somehow i never got around to playing any of the half life games. It weird i just never played it yet it is widly regarded as one of the best FPS ever made.

I really should make the effort sometime but not in the near future as my girlfriend just bought me F.E.A.R the other day completely out of the blue. She knows as much about computer games as i do about spanish foreign policy so it was a very nice surprise as ive been looking for a new gaming challange. Its also one i never bought at the time but have been meaning to play.

I like what the people at Half life are doing bringing out small episodes for a reduced price, its something i have wanted to see in games for a long time.

  gudgulf 17:03 07 Jun 2006


Which level are you on?

There are quite a few puzzles with barrels involved.

A walkthrough if you are really stuck click here

  citadel 21:44 07 Jun 2006

I liked the first half-life best and found the second one short in duration.

  Starfox 22:23 07 Jun 2006

Agree with citadel, I thought the second one was too easy and too short, I completed it in 5 days.
Much prefer UT2004!

  tony58 10:12 08 Jun 2006


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