Half Life 2 & DVD security validation-grrrrrrrrrrr

  joesoaps 00:31 22 Nov 2004

Bought the game at noon today,installed ok but then spent the next 9 hours trying to validate the game over the game website.My god it's a joke surely,I know the game cost millions to make and they have to protect their investment but this idea is ludicrous,all they are going to do is alienate their customers(well me for one anyway)it's far too complicated.

On the plus side I must admit that the game does look great when you do eventually get it up and running but I do wonder if the complicated validation process will put people off the game and heaven help anyone who has to do a system re-install and looses the data from the validation site.

Rant over

  Forum Editor 00:52 22 Nov 2004

have invested a huge amount of money and resources into this release, and they're obviously well aware that it will be a major target for counterfeiters. In an attempt to make it more difficult for people to use pirated copies they've instituted this validation process, and they've become the vistims of their own success - the servers just can't cope with the deluge of validation requests. I'm sure it will all settle down in due course, but I know that doesn't help you much.

I doubt that the makers are going to alienate their customers - the opposite is probably true, there's so much hype surrounding the release that sales will go through the roof.

  MESH Support 12:20 22 Nov 2004

From what I can see the validation takes so long because of what it does.

Firstly it logs onto steam, then it triesto validate your copy of Half Life 2 via the steam authentication server. When that times out, it advises it will try again later and get back to you regarding successful or not. It offers to let you play offline but if you choose this option it needs a sort of confirmation signal from steam. This fails becuase all that time you have waited for the authetication has caused your connection to the steam server to time out.

My solution once I figured this out was to run thru the inital authetication again but also open a server list window for another game I had already in the list of playable games. I basically just kept refreshing the list. The initial authetication may take a little longer (unsure as I didn't time it) but at the end of it I hadn't lost connection with steam, so when I clicked to play offline, a few seconds later, it confirmed I could do that right away.

I played for around an hour, then shut down my PC, returning a few hours later to play again. At that point I received a message advising me that steam had confirmed I was authenticated.

This might help others who are also having this problem.

Regarding the idea though it sounds to me like a copy of the Microsoft authetication process, partly automated, with less thought gone into the consequences or needs in order to work.


  tenplus1 13:55 22 Nov 2004

It's funny though, they spend all this time and effort making the game and sticking some sort of security measures in there so you can't play with a copy version... but... within' a short time period there's always a hack/crack out there that'll solve the problem...

  Starfox 18:44 22 Nov 2004

Only 9 hours joesoaps that's not bad :o) it took me 16 hours to get onto the validation website then another 7 hours to complete the process,and as you say what happens if you have a system crash and loose the validation data,you will have to go through the process all over again.

Davey at Mesh,thanks for that it works a treat,you really are on the ball are'nt you.You should go far!

Regards Starfox.

  sean-278262 20:30 22 Nov 2004

my question is for the few people i know that do not have the internet and want to buy this game! kind of make it annoying for them!

Luck me with BB

  Starfox 23:57 22 Nov 2004

Don't know about not alienating customers,it's having a good try click here and scroll down to the reviews click here
for more news.

As for new games beig pirate proof click here


  TOPCAT® 20:23 25 Nov 2004
  thehitman 23:26 25 Nov 2004

validt=ation only took a long time because millions want to play at the same time. secondly i really dont mind as far as im concernec the guys at valve spent years making easily the best FPS ever and deserve to take precautiions to protect the game. granted it can take a long time to unlock the came but once you start playing you soon realise that it was completely worth the wait.

  Starfox 20:31 30 Nov 2004

it took me longer to do the validation than to finish the game.There is also quite a large glitch on the final level which means you keep having to restart the level until you get rid of the glitch or you can't finish the game(not going to say what it is or it will spoil the games ending).

After the update today my Source server was useless for most of the day due to too many people/server's updating...

Good System, just slight flaw's in the technical side of thing's....

But hey, worth waiting for!

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