conrail 10:00 16 Jun 2005

why do people hack other peoples pc? if there are any out there please tell me, why not get a job for microsoft or any other company where you can legitimately hack windows or any other program you want, then tell them what/where the loophole is. As you will have guessed I have just been hacked, (again), I did have access to the web although it was very slow and I had to put in the site name manually , although I could see my favourites, I could not open them, I received help from the helproom forum and was pointed in the right direction and given help elsewhere, but I then became totally locked out of my pc so could not access anything at all, so reformat is the only solution, using another pc to write this which brings me back to my 1st point, why do people hack and have to spoil other peoples enjoyment or work. I learned the hard way on a previous hack, I back up all word/excel documents to floppy, I purchased a pack of rw cd’s which each week I do a back up onto one of them, when I have 3 back up discs, I erase the oldest, so at least I have 2 back ups plus the floppy’s.

  CurlyWhirly 10:11 16 Jun 2005

How is that as I was always led to believe that hackers wouldn't bother with Home PC's as there is nothing of use to them?
A website or server was more likely to get hacked I always thought?

  conrail 10:16 16 Jun 2005

I always thought that, so despite having norton, adaware and spybot, they still got me, I ended up with a thing called 'about space, each time my pc loaded the 1st thing I got was a black web page which I could not access any other page without difficulty, also when I clicked on a desktop icon, the background remained but all my icons and start dissapeard for a second then came back but I could not access them.

  CurlyWhirly 10:37 16 Jun 2005

Are you sure it isn't spyware related as I have heard of cases where a hijacker hijacks your homepage and you end up with a blank web page?

Have you run any anti-spyware tools like Spybot or Ad-aware?
Also have you got Spyware Blaster installed as this stops your PC from being infected with spyware in the first place?

  CurlyWhirly 10:45 16 Jun 2005

Also have you posted a HJT log to a dedicated spyware forum like click here ?

  conrail 10:54 16 Jun 2005

thanks CurlyWhirly but I posted the initial log but after following the advice of a young lady I found I could not access an updated log, I could not access anything, I had run adaware and spyblaster they found nothing, also I scanned with norton, that came up clear, at th moment busy reinstalling, just annoyed that paople do this, they cannot even gloat as they do not know me, so whats the point

  CurlyWhirly 11:02 16 Jun 2005

Yes I just saw your other post at click here

Sorry I can't help and I hope you get your problem sorted soon. :0)

  conrail 11:15 16 Jun 2005

many thanks CurlyWhirly, reinstalled xp, now just setting up system mechanic professional, hopefully better than norton! unfortunately system mechanic wont let me install norton as well, comes up with warning

  CurlyWhirly 12:09 16 Jun 2005

Oh the joys of computing eh? LOL
It never rains but it pours.
It's a shame you had to reinstall XP and you wouldn't have had to if you had made a backup!

  Forum Editor 13:11 16 Jun 2005

in the true sense of the word. Hacking usually involves someone gaining access to a server, not a private computer - alothough it has been known to happen.

I suspect that your problem has been caused by some kind of malicious spyware/malware.

  Elyse 15:12 16 Jun 2005

i also agree -- i don't think that you were hacked at all.

as far as hackers are concerned, my understanding is that most of them don't bother w/ PCs.

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