Gypsy Horse Drawn Caravans on the Road.

  Ex plorer 08:06 02 Jun 2015

Yesterday just two miles from home I was in a long slow moving line of traffic, I reckon the tail back was well over half a mile long.

At the front I saw a gypsy type horse drawn caravan disappearing round a corner so that was the hold up.

Traffic was building up behind me and between the trees I got a glimpse of more horse draw Gypsy caravans it turned out to be five in all.

There was plenty of places they could have pulled of on to the wide verge as well as two lay-byes to let traffic get going again.

They are used for over night stays by gypsy's going to Appelby Fair.

They kept so close together no one could pull in between the gypsy caravans for overtaking and drivers were taking chances to get past all five.

Made my blood boil as I got closer as it was pure ignorance by the gypsy's in charge of these horse drawn caravans.

Horses may have the right of way on roads but these people in charge were been totally stupid and had no consideration for other road users.

  Ungus 09:50 02 Jun 2015

I agree he could have pulled over at a convenient and suitable place at the road side. But as a horse rider who has to go on the road for a short distance of approx half a mile to get onto my gallops and although it is not a busy road the attitude of some drivers and without being sexist woman in 4x4 is sometimes dangerous in the extreme. I try to be as considerate as i can whilst out on a horse but sitting on half to threequarters of a ton of muscle is not always an easy thing to control as they are sometimes easily spooked and then you require all your skill to stop them from panicking. As a rider all i ask is for people to pass me at a slow pace as wide as they can and to be fair most do. But you are correct the road is for every one not just horses and not just vehicles so consideration and common sense should be applied by all but unfortunately there appears to be a lack of this across the UK. I have even had idiots blaring their horns when passing because they have had to wait a few seconds to pass talk about trying to kill someone. I think there is a need to have an advertising campaign on TV on how horse riders should behave on the road and how motorists should negotiate these obstacles and where they stand in respect of the highway code wouldnt do any harm. People dont always consider how their manners and behaviour can effect others but in the modern world there is definitely a complete lack of patience and understanding which is very sad, my grandad back in the fifties said " The man that made time made plenty of it" a truer thing was never said there is always tomorrow to do the job it wont go away.

  morddwyd 10:35 02 Jun 2015

They were there first!

  Quickbeam 10:16 03 Jun 2015

Maybe they were there first, but they're now obsolete for modern road usage.

I'm a a'ready runnin'...

  Quickbeam 10:19 03 Jun 2015

"I think there is a need to have an advertising campaign on TV..."

Those were quite regularly on the TV throughout the '60s and '70s and are still remembered now. Time to bring back Reginald Molehusband:-)

  Ungus 11:11 03 Jun 2015


In defence of horse riding and driving it is an industry that produces millions throughout the UK and the it would be a sad day if they were just kept as field ornaments. Just a little understanding and good manners from horsemen and motorists would solve the problem

  Quickbeam 11:52 03 Jun 2015

Ungus, my tongue is firmly in cheek...

  bumpkin 14:03 03 Jun 2015

It,s not the horses fault it is the gypos who do just what they like with a total disrespect for anyone else. I have known them block off a busy main road with lorries and use it for racing horse drawn traps.

  Ungus 08:33 04 Jun 2015


OK you got me. I admit to being very defensive of these wonderful creatures, they are quite simply my life especially now i am old and knackered.

  john bunyan 13:52 04 Jun 2015

they are quite simply my life especially now*

Not you, I hope?

Man and horse

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