polish 21:42 16 Apr 2007

i dont no if this is a nationwide problem but where i live they cause alot of problems even though they have been offered permanent places to stay they setup camp wherever they can and then cause problems for the people in that area then when they leave they leave behind all sorts of rubbish some of it human waste i just do not understand them and they contribute nothing to society and it can take days for them to be moved on

  Forum Editor 22:10 16 Apr 2007

in Britain, although many travellers like to claim Romany descent. As VoG™ says, true Romanies are a proud people, and can trace their descent back to around 500AD. They certainly aren't the people who desecrate the countryside in the way you describe.

That's the work of travellers, not gypsies at all.

  polish 22:29 16 Apr 2007

whatever the correct termanology for these people they are causing alot of problems in my area and just get peoples backs up with the problems they cause

  sunny staines 08:23 17 Apr 2007

around here they are called pikey's cause same problems. France has similar problems with them too. In WWII the germans rounded them up and put them in prison camps [too extreme].They are not popular in the Balkan nations either for similar reasons.

  sunny staines 17:33 17 Apr 2007

if they will not leave your land box them in so they cannot get their vehicles out, they will quickly come to an agreement to leave that day if you agree to remove the obstruction always works, word goes around they tend not to come back.

  sunny staines 17:35 17 Apr 2007

they even have them in syria and middle east the arabs call them kurds.

  PurplePenny 19:31 17 Apr 2007

Kev did his dissertation on travellers. He interviewed Romanies, Tinkers and New Agers.

They were all nice and were all most solicitous for his welfare: the Romanies warned him to be careful when visiting Tinkers and New Age Travellers; the Tinkers warning him against New Age Travellers and Romanies; and (oh, you guessed) the New Age Travellers warned him against Romanies and Tinkers!!

  TOPCAT® 01:19 20 Apr 2007

the gypsy and his family travelled the roads in a horse drawn, immaculately painted and clean caravan or varda? They used to look for signs or marks along the way that indicated that, say, water could be obtained at a particular house or this farmer would allow resting in his field, and so on. I never encountered problems with any of the true Romanies I've met in the past.

This can't be said of one of my brother's friends though, who was then a village policeman. It was during a particularly cold winter's night that he was doing his usual rounds. He had reached the edge of the village and by the light from the solitary street lamp he saw a gypsy caravan parked on the verge close to it. As he got closer he saw that the caravan's interior lighting was quite bright and not the usual glow as from oil lamps. He peered in through a window and saw the TV set was on, the kids were playing electronic games and an electric heater was glowing red on the floor. Suspicions aroused Mr Plod soon found a lead from the caravan had been connected to the street lamp and the gypsy appeared before the 'beak' the next day, charged with the theft of electricity. He was fined and told not to darken the streets of that village ever again! TC.

  polish 18:41 21 Apr 2007

just an update they have been moved on from the main park in my area left the place in aright mess fires burning gas bottles left around fridges etc etc also the people who have a garden backing onto the park have gates leading into the park and they left human waste in the gateways.
the local council have even started supplying them with black sacs

  Forum Editor 18:59 21 Apr 2007

I was driving home from a meeting in Harefield - the place where the famous hospital is. It was just before Christmas, and outside some impressive iron gates with leaping horses on them was a sign 'Christmas trees'. I stopped, and went into the driveway of a very smart, very large bungalow, with a huge courtyard surrounded by outbuildings.

Out came the owner, and introduced himself. I bought a tree from the hundreds in one of the outhouses, and noticed a large and very ornate caravan in a garage with a big up and over door. It was one of those chrome and mirror covered monsters, and the man was obviously very proud of it - I was invited to take a look. My new friend told me he was a Romany, and had spent most of his life travelling. The caravan had been specially built for his family, and had cost a small fortune, inside it was all pink mirrors and sumptuous furniture - a palace on wheels, albeit incredibly garish. The man said it was often hired by film and TV companies, now that he had quit the road for the comfort of a house.

In a corner of the courtyard was a smaller garage, and I was invited to take a look at 'the place I was born'. Inside was a genuine old gypsy caravan, beautifully restored and preserved, complete with bunks and wood-burning stove. He told me his parents and two other children spent several years living in it before they bought something modern.

The final surprise was a small, modern caravan around the back of the house. "That's where my mother lived until she died" he said, and told me that despite all the mod cons of the main house his old mother couldn't settle, and preferred to live in a caravan, albeit a static one.

It was an altogether fascinating meeting, and we parted with a firm promise that I would call again when I was passing, and have a 'nip of something for friendship'. I'll be in that area again this summer, and fully intend to keep the promise. The man was a delight, and as hospitable as could be.

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