GYO Mushroom kits

  Covergirl 13:24 08 Jun 2011

Anybody had any success with these? Is it warm enough yet (15C)?

I've planted 2 lots earlier this year hoping for good results, but nothing has pushed its way through the cap of compost. Yet.

I'm using the spawn sachets with bits of corn/barley (or whatever) laced with the fungus. Planted a big container up which was full of well rotted horse manure & leaf mould (mixed) and another two smaller containers full of home made kitchen compost, all of them capped with (commercially bought) potting compost. I'm still waiting.

  johndrew 15:28 08 Jun 2011

From what I have seen with neighbours, the best way of growing mushrooms is to fail with the kit and then use the compost on your lawn - they appear to prefer it!!!!

  HondaMan 16:34 08 Jun 2011

I must be the odd one out. I bought a kit some years ago. It came in a white polystyreme box. The only problem I had was eating them fast enough. I was giving the things to my neighbours and family just to get rid of them. After the 4th crop they did stop growing. I regarded the kit as excellent vfm!

  SparkyJack 16:53 08 Jun 2011

I was once given a packet of various muchroom spawn whivh had been implanted into what looked like dowel pegs. The idea was to find a paiece begiing to rot tree - drill holes and bang the dowel in and then wait--- and--- wait and wait. It is said it takes up to a year for the organism to establish itself inviibly before pushing up fruit.

Migh this be the case here>

  Covergirl 12:51 29 Jun 2011

Well, I'm still waiting for something (anything other than weeds) to come up, so I guess I'll close this thread seeing as it's an area of special scientific interest judging by the lack of answers/advice received LoL. Thanks anyway for all the responses.

  Quickbeam 12:55 29 Jun 2011

I should think that a good place for them to grow is on the self darkening Google toolbars, they like dark places...

  interzone55 14:15 29 Jun 2011

Commercial mushroom growing is quite interesting.

The mushroom spores are in trays on warehouse shelving, and light, moisture & temperature are carefully controlled, so the mushrooms are basically in stasis.

When mushrooms are needed one of the trays is squirted with water, the heating is turned up and the lights come on. Within a few hours the tray is full of mushrooms which are harvested and the lights are turned back off until the tray is needed again...

  Covergirl 12:40 13 Jul 2011

Sparkyjack - I hope it doesn't take up to a year for this spawn to establish - even though it's a different system. I was wanting to use the compost later this year.

Alan14 - good information. Unfortunately I can't control the outside temperature in the garden, but seeing as the ambient temperature has risen over the last couple of weeks, I watered all my containers over a week ago and guess what ?? Absolutely burger all. I was hoping for the dormant spawn to flourish and provide me and my neighbours with endless supplies of fresh mushrooms, but like the Euro Millions it didn't happen.

So, I'll keep my fingers, legs and eyes crossed but I'm not expecting much. If anything comes I'll post, otherwise (I predict) this thread will just continue down the dated listings into oblivion.

  Aitchbee 16:49 13 Jul 2011

Why not enclose your mushroom pot in a small greenhouse (the type you can get for about 8 pounds.) The humidity and temperature increase might encourage the spores to come alive.

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