Guy Dixon has moved on to a new job,

  Forum Editor 14:47 21 Feb 2006

and Matthew Bath is now our Editor.

This might be an appropriate moment for me to publicly express the debt of gratitude I owe to Guy Dixon - who provided me with unwavering support during the years we spent nurturing this forum.

At times I know I caused Guy a few headaches - not least when I once upset a major advertiser by criticising the company in a major way in the forum. Not once did his loyalty to me falter, and in the early days of my Forum Editorship I knew that I could always count on Guy for his advice and encouragement. My penchant for asserting my editorial independence must have been hard to live with at times, but if he felt irritation Guy never expressed it. He became a good friend over the years, and I shall miss him. I'm sure you would all want to wish Guy good luck in his new job.

Matthew has a difficult job to do, and I look forward to working with him in the future - I know that he shares my enthusiasm for the way the forum is shaping, and I have no doubt that under Matthew's editorship the magazine is in very good hands indeed.

Now for the apology. I admit that I'm not the world's best blogger. Everyone has been very patient with me, but I've definitely allowed things to slide in the blogging department. My excuse has been that I am on the move a lot lately, and I haven't had the time. That's a pretty lame excuse, because I obviously have time to sit here typing long-winded excuses. My aim is to reform - look for more blogs from me from now on, and feel free to chide if I fail.

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