Gulf Oil Spill Pictures "What have we done!"

  Uboat 10:37 20 Jun 2010

Very Very Sad!

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  bremner 11:03 20 Jun 2010

'We' have done absolutely nothing.

  Bingalau 11:06 20 Jun 2010

I've done nothing, but I do expect I shall be called upon to pay for the clean up with higher petrol prices.

  sunnystaines 11:07 20 Jun 2010

It was a methane gas blow out, not BP's fault as far as I know, like all oil spills it will take a few years to disperse. do you remember the torrie canyon in the 60's an american ship that dumped its load off cornwall caused a mess but there was no anti USA rants or against the californian owners at the time and the british tax payer paid for the clean up too.

biggest losers are the wild life which will take a while to recover.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:07 20 Jun 2010

So you'll be giving up your car and all plastic items in your house? The Niger Delta is much, much worse than the Gulf but not a peep from anyone, including Motormouth, 'dem uppity Brits' Obama, about there.


  peter99co 11:08 20 Jun 2010

I think you count as one of Earths inhabitants so "We" is correct!

  Uboat 11:09 20 Jun 2010

peter99co Thankyou THATS what i meant! BP exsists because "WE" use there products "WE" support them & its a human error...

  bremner 11:11 20 Jun 2010

As uboat did not specify whether 'we' was British as in BP or we as in the entire population of the world.

I answered for the possibility that he meant that the British people are in any way responsible for BP, the Multinational companies, mistakes if indeed they made a mistake and that it was not a terrible accident.

  bremner 11:12 20 Jun 2010

cross post

  Forum Editor 11:15 20 Jun 2010

A few people who work for an oil company made a series of bad mistakes, and/or were negligent. The rest of us don't have to shoulder the blame for it, just because we are 'earth's inhabitants' or because we use BP products - that's a ludicrous notion.

It's like saying that because I own a carpet made in Iraq I'm partly to blame for what Saddam Hussein did there.

  johndrew 11:28 20 Jun 2010

"We have done absolutely nothing."

But anyone with a pension in a scheme with investments in BP will take a hit as it is likely the dividend will either not be paid or reduced this year. My feeling is that as Obama didn`t want the dividend paid it should not be paid in the USA but paid elsewhere. Perhaps he would then keep politics out of commerce when accidents of this nature occur.

I don`t deny there were mistakes - possibly negligence - but until the full facts of what happened and events leading to the incident are known and understood, over-reaction - especially political - is hardly the right way forward.

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