Guitar Id Required please

  Covergirl 12:25 19 Apr 2011

Not computer related, but I know there are several guitarists on here who may be able to assist or might just find it interesting.

I have tried the interweb without much success. I'm looking for some kind of background or manufacturer of the guitar in the two links below.

There is little identification on the guitar, just the Skylark name on the headstock. The neck inlays are quite fancy, the body wood grain figuring is quite nice and the body is sculpted, rather like a PRS Santana. You may be able to see that from the 2nd photo. The volume and tone knobs are recessed, as is the pickup selector.

I found Alembic as a possible manufacturer of a Skylark model, but nothing else marries up. By that I mean the Alembic company logo is missing and the hardware doesn't match other Alembics.

There is also another Skylark manufacturer, but they are attributed to Matsushito and retailed at around 160 dollars. The distinctive stripes down the body give it away that this is a non-starter.

Overall, the styling and finish on this mystery guitar appears to be quite superior, on a par with PRS, Alembics or other high end guitars, but I can't seem to find any history about it, or trace a likely manufacturer or brand.

It's just out of interest really. The guitar isn't currently for sale.

Have a look a these two pics and if anything rings a bell, please get in touch. Many thanks.

Skylark Headstock

Skylark Body

  Bingalau 14:38 19 Apr 2011

Sorry, I'm new to this guitar business, but if you wait I am sure the FE will be on and so will a few others who may have some knowledge.

  wiz-king 14:55 19 Apr 2011

click here They appear to import from the far east and might not be the correct company but worth an enquiry.

  al's left peg 15:03 19 Apr 2011

Hi Covergirl,

I can't say I have heard of these guitars before. The writing on the headstock looks very similar in style to a Takamine guitar but they are owned by the Fender Corporation so I don't think it is anything to do with them.

  wiz-king 15:16 19 Apr 2011

The original skylark has the wrong head.

  Covergirl 15:44 19 Apr 2011

Wiz King - or the distinctive stripe, body shape.

Yes - been there, seen it. Now looking for somebody with personal knowledge. It's a long shot but there are umpteen guitar forums out there - I will be trying Ultimate before too long.

Just thought I'd ask here first.


  wiz-king 17:52 19 Apr 2011

A person who is on here occasionally is 'rickf' he is a guitar man. If he sees this he may be able to help.

  Forum Editor 18:53 19 Apr 2011

As is so often the case with guitars

The story can get horribly complicated. There was a Skylark guitar company in America in the 1950s, but your guitar isn't one of theirs. There's a Skylark guitar company now, but they make pretty cheap, custom guitars, and I don't think this is one of theirs either.

In the 1970s a Japanese company called Matsumoku was making electric guitars for several companies, including Vox and Yamaha, mainly for the American market, and also - and I think of interest to you - they made their own range of guitars branded 'Skylark'.

For what it's worth, my guess is that you have a Japanese-made Skylark, probably manufactured in the mid to late 1970s. It isn't a particularly valuable instrument, and not one that ranks as a great player. If you look carefully you'll spot some less-than-perfect detailing on the binding.

The thing about guitars is that they are as good as the person who plays them - I have a 1974 Fender Strat that cost me more than I care to admit, but because I'm no Ry Cooder it probably sounds like a 2010 Far East copy when I play.

  rickf 21:50 19 Apr 2011


I think the FE is correct. This is a Japanese made 70's guitar. I think it probably came out of the same factory as the Electras with MPCs made famous by Peter Frampton. Electra guitars are very much sort after, especially the higher end models. I can't off hand remember who the manufacturer was but I think it's an offshoot of Matsumoku. This is not as high end as Alembics. They go for ££££s.

If I come across any other info I'll let you know. I saw a Skylark Gibson LP copy of the same era went for just under £350 fopr your interest.

  JYPX 21:32 20 Apr 2011

The forums on would be a good place to ask.

  Covergirl 12:30 21 Apr 2011

Thanks JYPX. There are a load of guitar based forums - it's just taking the plunge on a general one as to where to start.

Thanks for all the other replies - you've all found about as much as I did and yes, I referred to Matsushito instead of Matsumoko in my op. Silly really, as I've got a pic of my 1981 Aria on there.

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