rickf 22:19 03 Sep 2011

So much talent in the world. Watch,listen and learn

  rickf 08:17 04 Sep 2011

Perhaps it's because he is tapping and sometimes just using his left hand fingers to create the tone w/o striking with the plectrum or picking with the right during the shredding bits. Also he is using both the plet and finger picking at the same time on some parts.

  Aitchbee 20:52 04 Sep 2011

All of the fingers of both hands, wrists, eyes, heart and mind are required to get a good tune..a good audience as well!

  Condom 19:10 07 Sep 2011

Very good. I don't know what it is about Thais but there are huge numbers of them that can play guitars like this. Most are not very original but they can copy anyone else's tunes so well. I spend much of my life in Thailand and I am never short of good bars to visit where talent like this is on display every night. For anyone who really enjoys live music it is a gold field.

Of course tabs which are easilly available on the Internet do make copying so much easier but these people practice for hours on end until the are perfect.

  Forum Editor 19:21 07 Sep 2011

"these people practice for hours on end until the are perfect."

Indeed they do, and I've seen a few of them myself when in Thailand. The thing is, there's a world of difference between slavishly copying someone else's guitar work and developing a style of your own. The former is not easy, but it's a whole lot easier than the latter.

Most of these YouTube guitar heroes are simply copying what someone else has done, and that's not what makes a guitar-player of character.

  Aitchbee 20:29 07 Sep 2011

I was in the Tolbooth pub in Glasgow High Street a week ago with my friend Brian.It was about 1:30pm.The entertainment was being provided by a young man, Tony, playing electric guitar and singing.After about one and a half pints,I asked the young man, who, was also cracking jokes and chatting to the big crowd in the pub, if he could 'do an Eagles one'.Two songs later he did 'Hotel California' perfectly.My friend is an Eagles fan, and he was impressed.So was I.Tony did not have a back-up music machine.Pure Talent.

  Quickbeam 08:18 08 Sep 2011

"developing a style of your own"

I was listening to an interview with Nick Lowe last night on the radio. At one point they were discussing how he developed his style, his answer was that like everyone that starts playing, he slavishly copied all his idols styles, then after a couple of years he started to mix a couple, then add a third and a forth stlye, then he had his style.

  rickf 09:31 08 Sep 2011

Struggling guitarists on stage would play copies naturally. Reason being the audience want to hear tunes that they know. It's called entertainment. Not only Thais are good at copying, all good gutarists can do that. The implication that Thais only copy is nonsense. Jack T posted writes and plays all his own compositions if you care to visit his channel. Here is another Thai guitarist that writes and plays his own. I am sure you'll like it.

I play and started learning through copying different styles.

  Forum Editor 17:24 08 Sep 2011

"The implication that Thais only copy is nonsense."

Did anyone imply that? I can't see any evidence of it.

Of course struggling guitarists copy other peoples' stuff - I've been playing guitars for more years than I care to remember, and I used to do exactly the same thing on stage. I haven't been on a stage for ages, but I still copy other peoples' styles - but that wasn't my point...

Copying the playing style of a well-known guitarist doesn't make you a good guitarist - it simply means that you can replicate what someone else has done. Developing your own playing style takes a long time, and most amateur players never do it; not because they couldn't, but because they don't feel the need, it's enough to be able to play for their own amusement.

I didn't say there was anything wrong with imitating someone else - merely that it doesn't make you a player of character. It might get you on YouTube, and you'll be joining all the hundreds of other style copiers, but there's a great deal more to playing the guitar than that. Not that I'm claiming to be any good myself, you understand, but I know a really good player when I hear one.

  anskyber 18:44 08 Sep 2011


In the years of being here I appreciate your sense of exactness.

Before you wonder ifs is a windup I think you will appreciate the complement.

  Aitchbee 21:43 12 Oct 2011

Hank Marvin was honoured yesterday with a 'spot' on radio4. It was a treat listening to his guitar riffs and compliments from Jimmy Page, Mark Knoppfler and Cliff Richard.

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