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  oresome 12:13 01 Nov 2009

I've written to one supermarket voicing my displeasure at the growing number of self service checkouts already. I can see some advantage for a customer with a few items in a hand basket, but they're now designing the things for trolley users with a decrease in staffed checkouts.

I made a single purchase of the morning paper in a local Tesco yesterday, so went to the self serve checkout only to be thwarted because it needed authorisation!

Apparently, there's a competition within the paper that requires the participant to be over 16 years old.

Of course that doesn't explain the pack of sausages last week that required authorisation.

Rant over

  Awshum 12:28 01 Nov 2009

I had cause to complain when a staff member in Tesco almost pushed me out of the way to get a £5 note a customer had left behind. The customer had exited the building and was no where near in sight. I didn't even know it was there until she pushed in and secondly I was paying by card so I wouldn't have looked in the cash tray.

Apparently it's a common issue that people walk off without collecting their bank notes that are dispensed below the scales/scanner.

  spuds 14:22 01 Nov 2009

Haven't Tesco introduced the first all self service checkout system in one of its new stores. The next saving, so that customers will 'every little helps' benefit, will I suppose be a Collect and sort from Warehouse scheme, so no shelf stackers. I bet there's an increase on security staff though!.

Apparently other supermarket chains are not thinking about the improvement.

Considering that I have a regular comment at our local Tesco. Doing away with staff will make it even more difficult to air a problem. Not that they take much notice now, so possibly very little change there I suppose.

  BT 17:00 01 Nov 2009

We were in Tesco a couple of weeks ago and there was a bit of a queue and a very nice assistant asked us to change tills as there were several people in front of us. But she didn't open up another till but took us to a self service checkout and proceeded to put all our stuff through and pack our bags for us, just leaving me to pay at the end.

I find that if you have a complaint at Tesco, and it is as you say not always easy to get any sensible resolution at store level, the best way is to go Online and send it to the Customer Relations dept. I've had cause to do this a couple of times, once regarding 'Green' Clubcard points and once regarding a Health and Safety issue and both times I've had a quick response and the matters have been sorted PDQ.

  spuds 17:27 01 Nov 2009

Never thought about the on-line procedure, because I always tried in-store or via Company HQ with a reply back from Dundee.

Regarding Green Clubcard points, that is an issue that I have at present with our local store. They never seem to want to give them, or if they do, the amount that you are entitled to. Store deputy manager, check-out supervisors and even area managerial staff all seem to shrug their shoulders at the idea of providing a simple answer or solution.I have even suggested prompts on the tills, but no can do. The same goe's for overcharging or providing newspaper 'free' dvd's.

One thing that I think is worth a mention (not sure if it applies to Tesco yet) is car parking arrangements and signs. In our location the private company responsible for parking at one of our well known stores will fine motorists if they overstay or return within 3 hours. So best to read what any new signs state, and make sure that you have not forgotten an item, so having to make a prompt return journey.

  BT 17:49 01 Nov 2009

Had this problem a couple of times and after using the Online complaints it was sorted.
There were obviously homemade posters on the tills reminding people to ask for them and as regarding Till prompts they ARE there, the assistant has to push a button to get past them (i.e. enter your points).

As to entitlement
A carrier bag = 1 point
A medium sized shopping bag = 2 points
A large shopping bag = 3 points.

As to overcharging Tescos policy for mistaken overcharging is to refund double the amount.

  BT 17:55 01 Nov 2009

Tesco customer services Email address as its hard to track down on their site

[email protected]

  karmgord 19:29 01 Nov 2009

Poor old Tesco are n't they making enough money without making you do the work for them!
What next shall we stack the shelves for them too.
In my opinion pure GREED.

  DANZIG 20:54 01 Nov 2009

Got to agree with karmgod, its all about money!

I'm not averse to the use of new technology and have, on occasion, used the self service check out at my local supermarket on my way home from work.

Excellent when buying 3 or 4 items for a late night meal at home. Not so good when buying a bottle of wine and you still need an employee to verify that you are 'of an age'.

However I can't see them being that useful at Christmas when people have about three trolleys worth of stuff as they believe the shops will be shut for a month.

  Quickbeam 00:45 02 Nov 2009

Not to worry, the next thing will be 'smart labels', you'll be able to push a trolley load of shopping past a reading gate, and the items will be scanned and receipt will be printed as simple as that.

  gengiscant 07:09 02 Nov 2009

I loathe supermarkets on many levels but particularly on their tasteless fresh produce,meat comes top of the list.
And who are these customers that supermarkets quote when they try to sell us veg,IE carrots that are identical in size,shape and colour because "its what are customers have asked for",who are these idiots.

I could rant for ages.sorry.
P.S. lets have a grumpy old man forum,I certainly fit the title.

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