Growing food for electricity - what goes on!

  onthelimit1 10:11 03 Jul 2014

A lot of farmers round me have moved from wheat, potatoes, sheep, cattle etc to growing hundreds of acres of maize. This is harvested once a year and taken to a 'digestor' where it produces electricity for the grid.

Seems odd to me to be using valuable agrigultural land for this purpose. Yes, I know we have to find green and sustainable means for electricity production, but should not food take precedence?

What are your views?

  carver 10:24 03 Jul 2014

There are plenty of people who are of the same opinion as yourself about this.

Seems totally insane to use land that could be used to grow food but then use that land to grow something and then turn it into fuel to make electricity but it all boils down to money.

It's green policy gone mad, but greed takes precedent.

  spuds 10:24 03 Jul 2014

Nothing new there. Its being going on in America for quite some time, since Obama made a few speeches, and some farmers changed their farming methods.

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