Gross overpricing

  anchor 13:27 23 Jan 2010

I needed a replacement watch battery this week so went into two shops in a large shopping area in west London, and was quoted £7.95 in both. I considered this excessive, seeing that nice new digital watches are on sale in a Watford store for a fiver, (complete with battery).

I looked on the Internet and found a Amazon supplier had an identical battery, (same brand as previously installed), for 95p, including 1st class postage. It arrived 36hrs after placing the order. Watch is working fine now.

1st class postage costs 39p, leaving 56p for the battery. Assuming a small profit of around 20p, the battery would have cost them in the order of 36p.

What a disgraceful mark up in the local shops!.

  canarieslover 13:49 23 Jan 2010

Try the £1 shops. You can usually get a card of batteries with about 6 of each and eight different sizes, approx. 48 in total. Last time I got a card I 'repaired' five watches in the first week. Even if they aren't as good as the branded items at around 2p each they are certainly a bargain. Hardest bit is usually getting the back off the watch so that you can do the job.

  wee eddie 14:01 23 Jan 2010

I assume that the £7.95 price included fitting?

In which case, it's par for the course.

  anchor 14:10 23 Jan 2010

"I assume that the £7.95 price included fitting?"

I assume so; but to charge about £7.50 for the very simple task of fitting it is sheer greed. It takes no more than a minute.

Par for the course it may be, but all that indicates is they are all greedy.

  monkeyboy21 14:17 23 Jan 2010

Don't forget to take into account wages, business rates, rent of the store, services etc when factoring prices. People always just look at the cost price of the item and never see the extra costs that go into providing the service for you.

  birdface 14:23 23 Jan 2010

This is what I would call Overpricing.
From another thread.

click here

  interzone55 14:28 23 Jan 2010

A watch repairer on Rochdale Market charges £2.95 for watch batteries, including fitting

Instead of going to high street jewellers try the markets...

  anchor 16:17 23 Jan 2010

alan14: I usually use a Chinese watchmaker in Watford market, who is very reasonable. Unfortunately I was very busy last week conducting semester exams at a local University, so could not get there. As it turned out I saved £2.

monkeyboy21: I am afraid I cannot accept that even allowing for wages, rates, etc, that a charge of about £7.50 for a fitting charge is justified. A couple of pounds yes, but anything over that is sheer greed. It`s no wonder people buy over the internet.

  skeletal 17:24 23 Jan 2010

All my life I have found it very hard to determine what/who something is worth. There are countless examples. Are premier footballers worth thousands times as much as nurses who care for the sick?

If someone rings me up and asks a question which I answer in five minutes, how much should I charge for the information? Using £100 per hour (main car dealer labour rate) suggests about £8-£10, but the answer may be the result of many years research, so would £10,000 be better?

It looks like for a high street store, the £7.95 is pretty close to the car dealer, and five minutes.

I guess that the final answer is that the price will be whatever people are prepared to pay. If no-one used those stores for battery replacement, the business would eventually go to the “The Chinese blokes”.

For the record, I think I would pay about £3.00 for that type of job...but I tend to do it myself anyway.


  BT 17:32 23 Jan 2010

I always go to Timpsons (Shoe repairs/watches etc)
They charge £4.95 for a watch battery, but if you pay £8.95 they will give you free replacements for life (of the watch that is) Its only worthwhile if you have a good watch but I have had about 3 so far.

  BT 17:35 23 Jan 2010


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