Gripe about cover disks

  seedie 16:25 19 Aug 2005

I'm a sucker for buying a computer mag. if the cover disk contains a dictionary, atlas or enclopaedia but so often find that when I transfer the proggie to my HD it insists on saying "The CDROM is not in the drive". Now given the size of HDs nowadays it's daft not to be able to copy and run from a shortcut on the desk top.

I bought 3 mags today (inc PCA; Peter Thomas's bit on P2P hit the nail on the head) but the one with the Plant encyclopaedia will only run from cdrom much to my chagrin.

Comment anyone?



  Andybear 17:15 19 Aug 2005

This is something I've come across with several programmes. The most recent ones is 'Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles'. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. Where is the hardship in inserting and removing a CD?

  Completealias 17:41 19 Aug 2005

You could get a virtual drive program such as deamon tools which is free click here You then copy the files to your hard drive as an image of the disc and mount them onto the virtual drive.

  Forum Editor 19:05 19 Aug 2005

and I would like to offer some helpful advice about the CD problem, but I'm afraid I can't - I have absolutely nothing to do with that side of things.

Why don't you email our CD editor, and ask him - he may be able to shed some light on this problem?

You can reach Richard at: [email protected]

  Simsy 19:20 19 Aug 2005

That if you copy the prog to your HDD before installing, you will achieve what you want.

As you've already installed, you might find that copying to HDD then reinstalling from the setup on the HDD may work without having to uninstall.

Failing that you might be able to locate the relevent entr in the registry and change it... somewhere it will give the path that it was installed from. It expects this to be the same place where it will find the data on the disc. You should be able to change this and make it work.

Bear in mind the following;

A) Making changes to the registry CAN be disastrous, so backup, or don't attempt it!

B) Even if this does work, the change may need to be made in several places, especially if it's a multi user set up.

C) I'm not familiar with Win XP... I've done this successfully with win98... I'm assuming the logic of what I've suggested is correct!

Good luck,



  seedie 07:45 20 Aug 2005

Encarta 2000 will copy to HD and indeed will setup from there. The convenience of having a an ency., dict. and atlas on the desktop is greater than having to root around for a disk just to look something up.

nmany CDROMS will only run if the disk is in the drive; some sort of protection I suppose. In this instance the program did not need installing, just a click on the executable and away it went.

tried Virtual CD couple of years ago and even that wasn't 100%



  Ancient Learner 12:53 20 Aug 2005

I use Game Drive. I find it v. good. click here

  seedie 13:03 20 Aug 2005

looks interesting. Do you know how much RAM it uses for the ramdrive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:51 20 Aug 2005

Alcohol 52% free on the cover mag (september) makes a virtual CD drive and you can ccopy lots of CDs as an image file and load them to the virtual drive.

  Pooke 22:32 20 Aug 2005

what about the one in Nero?

  seedie 10:56 21 Aug 2005

had a look at the disk the conventional way for an hour last night and decided it wasn't worth the bother,



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