Green Vegetables May be Bad For You!

  morddwyd 10:14 06 Mar 2012

Whether the possibility is unfounded or not, this will be see as a total vindication my millions of youngsters across the country!

Who's be a parent in today's ridiculous society?

  Aitchbee 10:23 06 Mar 2012

Tinned spinach didn't do Popeye any harm.

  johndrew 10:43 06 Mar 2012

I thought it was well known that consumption of any foodstuff, depending on the expert that was flavour of the month, was unhealthy?

  Quickbeam 10:50 06 Mar 2012

I'll just carry on as normal then, a little bit of what's bad for me, a little bit of what's good for me more or less equals a balanced diet in my book.

Just don't ask me to shake hands though...

  john bunyan 11:06 06 Mar 2012

"Who's be a parent in today's ridiculous society?"

Here is a thread killer:

"Let them eat baked beans"

  john bunyan 13:05 06 Mar 2012

aitchBEE I thought you would comment, from Rod Stewart, "You're gonna need a shot of vitamin E, by the time you're finished with me". There is usually some such contribution from your good self!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:07 06 Mar 2012

My father, now in his eighties, has not eaten green vegetables or fruit for the whole of his life.

His excuses were - couldn't afford them when he was a kid and couldn't get them during the war so got used to not having them.

However he made sure I had to eat all my veg as a kid - "finish that diner or you'll get it again for breakfast" :0)

  ams4127 20:14 06 Mar 2012

I don't eat vegetables after being forced to eat boiled cabbage at school all those years ago.

I also won't shower first thing in the morning. That was due to the same school forcing all boys to have a cold bath before breakfast. I really, really hated that place.

  Joseph Kerr 20:43 06 Mar 2012

There's a lot of info about telling you supplements can be dangerous, including vitamin E.

  Forum Editor 22:50 06 Mar 2012


"I don't eat vegetables"

Seriously, not ever?

Presumably you eat fruit, grains and nuts?

  Chegs ®™ 03:49 07 Mar 2012

I was brought up to eat what was placed in front of me,whether vegetables/nuts/red meat or fruit.I hated nuts so would stuff them in my pockets when my parents weren't looking and bin them later.I also hated fizzy drinks (of any flavour)I now love nuts/beer(though quit drinking it years ago)only having lost quite a few teeth,nuts are a darn nuisance.Whenever I'm eating out,I'll choose meals that I've not a clue what it might contain & try guess whilst eating what it might be(often backfires with chinese as I'm allergic to cream & its often added to chinese meals so I return home covered in itchy weals but I still enjoyed the food so much I continue with ordering unrecognisable meals)My GF on the other hand will not even try anything more exotic than a salad,ask her to try say a kiwi fruit & she'll insist she doesn't like them even though she's never eaten one.My daughter tries to say "I don't like..." but is shot down as we know what she's tried eating & one look at me and she'll at least try something new,often finding she likes it & asks for them more often.

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