green light to go & burgle peoples homes

  sunnystaines 09:24 12 Mar 2010

has this panel lost the plot if there was ever a crime that should have mandatory prison its this one.

its leaves some victims unsecure and stressed for years afterwards

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  Snec 09:37 12 Mar 2010

No punishment, nothing to lose and everything to gain is it any wonder that 'Police have recorded rising numbers of burglaries in the latest figures'?

  Awshum 09:44 12 Mar 2010

Next will be that householders will receive jail time if their possessions don't make it worth while for the burglar. The householder will be restricting the burglar's Human Rights under Article 23. Shameful householders.

  canarieslover 09:48 12 Mar 2010

IT seems that mental hurt counts a lot less than physical hurt, but its the mental hurt that lasts longest.

  carver 09:54 12 Mar 2010

Two weeks ago a friend had her house burgled while she was at work, she came home to find the patio doors smashed and all the electrical items in the house gone as well as all her and her late husbands jewelry taken.

To say it has upset her is an understatement, she dreads going home at night after work in case they have come back, she is now a very scared person. The only comfort she has is that they "might" get caught and sent to jail.

It took the police over 4 hours to turn up and then they stopped for about 10 minutes, took a few details, gave her a crime number then left.

  Hercule Marple 10:07 12 Mar 2010

Is this being recommended because our prisons are at full capacity?

  Cymro. 11:12 12 Mar 2010

Surely it is just a wast of time and money to put first time offenders in prison. All it would achieve would be to teach them to be better burglars next time. They don`t call prison the university of crime for nothing. Most offenders only reoffend within a very short time of coming out of prison. So what is the point of mandatory prison sentences for burglars?

This is more about revenge than stopping crime. We must find a better way to deal with young first time offenders. Once they are given a prison sentence they just reoffend time and time again. The statistics for re offending are horrendous. It is all too easy to be hard on crime but it is being hard on the causes of crime that we must get to grips with.

  Labdweller 11:28 12 Mar 2010

What kind of people are actually on these panels?! Do they just make ridiculous suggestions so they get reported on the news?

If prisons are at full capacity and they never rehabilitate any criminals either, to me, there is a very simple solution to stop them reoffending, but I doubt I'm allowed to say it here ;)

Cymro, so what do you suggest? I guess improving parenting would help.

  Cymro. 11:40 12 Mar 2010

To be honest I don`t know, cleverer people than me don`t have the answer but I do know that just throwing them in to prison is no answer.

Your suggestion about better parenting is a very valid one but again how do we go about that? I don`t know. With some of the younger criminals perhaps bringing the parents to court and prosecuting them as well as their children may help. If you let a child run about all over the place at all hours of the night is it not a form of child neglect?

The causes of crime are wide and varied and we must find better answers than just prison. I had a gang of young offenders doing work in my garden under some community service order program. The man in charge of them was a member of the probation service. He reckoned that the reoffending rates are lower for those on community service than those that are given prison sentences.

  BigRik 12:52 12 Mar 2010

We currently appear to be a target for criminal damage to our home. During the latest episode, we managed to catch the scum on our CCTV camera, though unfortunately (and lucky for him) not enough of his features to give the police a detailed description. My wife was terrified to see just how brazen this scum was. We were both in the kitchen, with the lights on. He climbed over 2 fences and went into the neighbours garden to unlock their gate for a faster getaway. He strutted around the gardens for a couple of minutes as if he lived here before lobbing the piece of concrete at our back door window, missing it this time, and made his getaway.

Imagine what sort of state the wife would be in should she/we come home to discover we had been burgled.

When someone is burgled, surely the disruption to their mental wellbeing must be taken into consideration and not just the theft of possessions?

  Kevscar1 13:00 12 Mar 2010

You will never stop crime. Some are to lazxy to work some just like to cause other people pain, some the thrill of the possiblity of being caught.
The only way to reduce it is for punishment that they really don,t want to face.
For the drunks and street fights that don't cause more than minor injuries bring back the stocks, plenty of old rotting fruit and veg for passerbys to pelt them with. Pictures in the local newspaper so everyone knows who they are and laughs at them in the street.
If it,s prison no TV,s and computers, meals that only give what nutrition is necessary to live. just the basics so they don't want to go back again. Documentarties on what it,s like so people know they are going to serve hard time.
Burglars, take the victims and let them ransack the burglars place, destroy and take their property.

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