'Green computing' in PCA magazine, issue 159

  TopCat® 19:20 11 Aug 2008

This excellent article can be found starting on page 102 of the current magazine and is by Jonny Evans and Rosemary Haworth.

It is for me quite reassuring to read that the PCA reviewers have started to take power consumption readings on various items they test. I hope they will soon be able to expand this to cover all the electrical hardware under review and post their findings in the magazine. I also think power rating would certainly be helpful to many consumers contemplating buying these items.

These days it's necessary to have some idea of what a certain purchase could add on to the household energy bill and the environment. TC.

  day2strike 14:49 12 Aug 2008


  Pesala 20:31 12 Aug 2008

I hope they will add noise ratings too.

  JYPX 03:04 13 Aug 2008

I am with Pesala on this one. We have reached the point where the brilliant Intel chips (in tandem with cheap and plentiful memory) mean that for non-gamers, even a modest machine is producing blistering performance. So the thing that will seperate a good pc from a great pc will be....noise.
And of course power consumption (trying to stay on-topic).

  TopCat® 14:22 13 Aug 2008

As you and Pesala say, noise is another problem with these power hungry processors and GPUs of today. I'm no expert but I would think the only way to combat this would be by fitting a standard liquid cooled heat dissipation system. Installing such a system to a graphics card could be very difficult, I would suspect, but I don't think it is beyond the capabilities of the experts if they put their mind to it. For the GPUs it would have to be an 'adjustable' sort of cooling device for when the graphics card(s) is/are updated.

Of course the cases themselves can be sound proofed to a certain extent but even this cannot stop some of the fan and PSU noise escaping from the case.

These mods always add extra cost to a machine but for some it would be a bonus well worth paying the extra for. TC.

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