greek bail out

  sunnystaines 12:42 11 Feb 2010

the EU are going to bail out greece and G.B. has been asked to chip in 3.5 billion pounds. Now we are close to the same dire straits as greece and as we are not in the euro should we decline the request?

what happens when portugal,eire, spain and the six unamed eastern european nations which are on the brink too asked to be bailed out, I do'nt think the EU can afford to set a standard with greece.

I feel they should be asked to leave the euro till they get their house in order and seek help from the IMF.

  peter99co 12:51 11 Feb 2010

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EU leaders appear reluctant to call on the International Monetary Fund

  sunnystaines 13:01 11 Feb 2010

the greek gov't is on it's knees and the greek population are talking about strikes and industrial action if the gov't makes cutbacks.

what an ungrateful lot, they expect the EU to bail them out but are not prepared to accept cut backs.

  Awshum 13:05 11 Feb 2010

I see one of the measures is to increase retirement age to 63 from 61.

Statistically greeks live longer than us so they should work longer too.

...and yes it won't be too long before we're strapped.

  Cymro. 13:06 11 Feb 2010

But surely popping in and out of the Euro just to suit one member country should not be an option.

  peter99co 13:09 11 Feb 2010

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There is an old adage that Greece is a poor country full of rich people.

I like it!

  Labdweller 13:24 11 Feb 2010

This is an even worse idea than helping large companies.

How about raising the interest rates at home? I hear that our money is rapidly depreciating!

  Awshum 13:41 11 Feb 2010

I hope he sticks to it!

  wiz-king 13:52 11 Feb 2010

Oops - I must do more than glance at the title - I read that a 'geeks' and was wondering what firm it was this time!

Well, it is a computer magazine.

  PILECAP 15:05 11 Feb 2010

Alistair Darling, said there was no plan to use UK taxpayers' money to support Greece. Eurozone officials made plain at the G7 meeting in Canada that this was entirely a single currency matter and that it was for Euro-members to sort it out. Gordon Brown has said “there is international support available, if the Euro area wishes to move ahead with a proposal that’s for the Euro area.

So having said all that, don’t be surprised if Gordon Brown does contribute UK taxpayers' money, towards bailing out a Country that has admitted falsifying statistics for years, to make its deficit look smaller.

  sunnystaines 15:56 11 Feb 2010

the trouble is GB is giving our money away in aid in large amounts as if we had money to burn, lets hope he does not see this as another good cause.

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