The greatest hoax ever ?

  bumpkin 18:59 13 Sep 2013

Colony on Mars in a few years.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 13 Sep 2013


Been predicted for years

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Martian Chronicles

In my lifetime - no chance! HS2 won't be running either!

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  rdave13 19:14 13 Sep 2013

bumpkin ,where did you get that idea?

  iscanut 20:15 13 Sep 2013

Ireland that approx 20'000 people had applied to take a one way trip to Mars !

  iscanut 20:16 13 Sep 2013

Ps my post should have been. I read that .....

  bumpkin 20:45 13 Sep 2013

Iscanut, I can understand that from the Irish, but back to the credibility factor. The chosen 4 will have to endure the long journey and survive it. Assuming that they do what next, 4 people is not a colony so more have to be created inside a "tent" as going outside will kill you. So where does the food come from to start with.

  bumpkin 20:46 13 Sep 2013

No Tescos on Mars yet.

  Forum Editor 20:47 13 Sep 2013

No more Irish jokes please.

  bumpkin 20:51 13 Sep 2013

Fe sorry could't help it.

  bumpkin 20:54 13 Sep 2013

After iscanut 8.15

  iscanut 21:08 13 Sep 2013

Have a look at here

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