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Great Fire in the Notre Dame Paris

  Quickbeam 21:16 15 Apr 2019

It was on the news earlier at tea time, but now they think that it could be totally lost as the roof and vaulting collapses in.

  wee eddie 21:59 15 Apr 2019

I am crying, what must the people of France be doing.

I cannot think of a way of commiserating with them for the loss of such a loved monument

  Forum Editor 22:43 15 Apr 2019

It's Hard to believe what has happened. I stood outside the cathedral ten days ago with two French friends. They were telling me how proud they were to have such a world-famous building on their doorstep.

  wee eddie 22:52 15 Apr 2019

Unfortunately, I don't think that the world have the skills to rebuild it as it was.

As with many people, it was woven into my past

  Quickbeam 22:57 15 Apr 2019

They say that it's under control now, but it looks gutted to the core. A sad day for Paris.

  john bunyan 00:30 16 Apr 2019

Maybe the people who restored Windsor Castle would be consulted? What a disaster! The walls , hopefully , Are intact.

  activebenita 07:58 16 Apr 2019

Never though that this day could come, hopefully it was just an accident indeed.

  rickf 09:13 16 Apr 2019

A great loss.What a shame.

  Cymro. 10:24 16 Apr 2019

So how much are we willing to contribute to the cost of rebuilding? In or out of the E.U. we could still help with the expense. I assume it is a World Heritage Site

  Old Deuteronomy 10:39 16 Apr 2019

It is a World Heritage Site but, right wing brexiteers would not be happy about us contributing to it's restoration, although I suspect they would be happy to receive funds from France if St Pauls went up in flames. I'm sure there will be British craftsmen involved in the many years of work to come.

  Al94 10:40 16 Apr 2019

There has been a spate of attacks on Catholic churches in France since the start of the year. On Sunday last L’église Saint-Sulpice in the centre of Paris was badly damaged in an arson attack. Last Friday Ines Madani, 22, was sentenced following a three-day trial during which she was accused of encouraging would-be jihadists to go to Syria and participate in attacks against France and jailed for 8 years. She is also due to be tried later this year for her part in a failed car bomb attack on Notre Dame three years ago. The fire has happened in Holy Week and with the total destruction of the roof one wonders if the true cause will ever be established. I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist but not a huge believer in coincidence either.

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