A great Birthday surprise (I think)

  john bunyan 20:56 13 Mar 2018

My 25 year old granddaughter has just told me (now 81!) that she has booked to take me to see the Rolling Stones on May 29th! Not sure how to reward her!!

  john bunyan 14:52 14 Mar 2018


One day you will regard 75’s as “boys “ !! There seems to be life in the old dogs yet! I think my last outing to such an event was to see Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald at ( I think)!Olympia in the late 50’s or early 60’s !! The Stones were not a huge favourite of mine but one has to admire their stamina . Maybe I’ll get some satisfaction from it.

  flycatcher1 22:38 14 Mar 2018

JB Happy Birthday Young Man. I would go a long way to see Ella and Louis but would not cross the road to see or even hear the Stones.

  bumpkin 19:22 15 Mar 2018

Seen them live years ago and still have many vinyl records in my loft. Great in their time and I still like their music but going to a concert and I am much younger than you would not appeal to me now. Nice thought though and I hope you do enjoy it.

  john bunyan 20:09 15 Mar 2018

Thanks to all responders. Just thought it is interesting that my 25 year old would take an old fogy out! Will green tick

  canarieslover 07:53 16 Mar 2018

As a 75 year old I'm jealous, but then they are from my generation.

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