The Great 2017 Leaders Debate

  Quickbeam 20:23 18 May 2017

...without the two main leaders.

20 minutes in and all those other than Nuttall, that isn't getting a warm reception, are running free with a warming audience.

Do we think that it was in May and Corbyn's best self interests to not to give their cause a public airing?

  oresome 20:30 18 May 2017

What has May to gain? She's well ahead in the polls and everything to lose.

  Quickbeam 20:36 18 May 2017

I would say that there is something to be lost. Especially as they are about to rip into today's Tory commitment to bring a lot of people out of care funding.

  Teabag. 20:47 18 May 2017

I think the confrontation the other day has put her off talking to the public and make her give her sound bytes to a selected audience.


  Quickbeam 20:51 18 May 2017

Strong and stable soundbites for the gullible, not the thinkers...

  john bunyan 21:13 18 May 2017

I am now bored with it all. Wish they would bring the election forward to next week. Life must go on , and the politicians, to me are self absorbed and dull, most with few interesting outside interests.

  Aitchbee 22:33 18 May 2017

I don't watch TV much, but I thought the clumsey editing irked me. When Nuttall mention immigration, for example, I got obviously rehearsed negative gestures from all of his opponents; but I'm in the mood, and will watch Question Time and The Andrew Neil Show and get it over with ... cold turkey.

  Aitchbee 22:35 18 May 2017

irked me = was irksome.

  john bunyan 06:43 19 May 2017

I thought the people who asked the questions in Question Time sounded like "Plants" from the 3 parties, rather than curious voters.

  oresome 08:18 19 May 2017

I didn't watch much of the ITV debate. I did watch Question Time, but got fed up of the women from the two main parties talking over each other.

Dimbleby needs to chair it properly and keep the panelists under control.

I glean more, but not much, from a one to one with an analytical journalist who digs below the well rehearsed soundbites.

  LastChip 10:37 19 May 2017

I listened to it, but found it boring. I was doing something else while listening to the speakers who were all irrelevant. None of them are going to be significant players after the election.

The truth (since yesterday) is, we have a Tory government in waiting ready to screw every last penny from us and an unelectable Labour party. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

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