Grand Theft Auto 4 copycat killing.

  User2008 16:09 04 Aug 2008

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18 yr old robbed and stabbed to death a 54yr old Taxi Driver and when questioned said he'd copied a video game he just played.

  Si_L 16:51 04 Aug 2008

Its crazy people like him who ruin it for the rest of us.

This sort of thing happens everytime a new GTA/Manhunt etc... game is released though. There is always talk of banning the game but it never goes through.

  Cymro. 17:38 04 Aug 2008

Every generation has it`s scapegoats, in my young days there were things called "horror comics" I think most of them were American. They were also blamed for all sorts of problems in society and there was calls for them to be banned. I don`t remember if they were ever banned, probably not.

So now it is computer games that are blamed for all the ills of society. But no matter who or what they blame, prohibit, censor or whatever the problem of youth crime will always be with us.

  bstb3 17:42 04 Aug 2008

with any case like this there is always a lot more at play with the individual involved than just that they had played a violent video game, but its far less of an interesting tag line for a newspaper that way.

One of the articles linked mentioned the police officer saying that the murderer displayed no signs of mental problems (i.e. it must have been the game that did this to them..). I would venture to suggest killing someone to rob them with the aim of buying a video game is exactly a sign of mental problems, but im no expert.

Whats sad is that, as SI_L says, this is more evidence for those people who wish to use games as an excuse for a rise in violence in society (far easier than blaming rampant consumerism and a lack of social responsibility / values). You see the same type of reaction when violent movies became more common and probably the same when violence in popular media in general became more widespread.

To me the bottom line is that people who have it in them to kill maliciously, or are generally violent, will do so regardless of such games / media because sooner or later something will trigger it in them. Blaming the trigger is missing the point just as much as blaming the weapon they use.

  Forum Editor 22:42 04 Aug 2008

are unduly influenced by computer games, or films, or TV programmes, it doesn't mean that what influenced them is intrinsically 'bad'.

  TopCat® 01:08 05 Aug 2008

I note that GTA4 and its variants is having a tough time with different authorities around the world. I understand Taiwan have banned it now. TC.

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