The Grand national on C4

  Quickbeam 19:39 06 Apr 2013

Did they cock up and miss the start, or did they intend to baffle us?

I didn't realise that the race was underway until the commentary started. They didn't use the usual BBC front on view, but an aerial rear view that left me waiting for the start that had already happened.

  Bing.alau 19:58 06 Apr 2013

I was out so missed it altogether. Who won? We could have had a sweep on that while Brumas was away, to take the palce of his puzzle. Brumas often has a virtual prize for something or other.

  Aitchbee 19:59 06 Apr 2013

I was also lookin' forward to seein' the starter mount his rostrum and wave his flag to start the race :o[

  Quickbeam 20:02 06 Apr 2013

Who won? A a 66-1 longshot.

I'm not particularly bothered myself, but the Grand National has the same macabre fascination as the first lap of a grand prix where all the carnage happens!

  Aitchbee 20:16 06 Apr 2013

It's not very often a horse with number 35 on it's back [along with the jockey] wins an important race ... the bookies must have made a fortune ... Auroras Encore was 133/1 on the tote if you were lucky enough to back it.

  fourm member 20:51 06 Apr 2013

That's my money lost. Perhaps I shouldn't have bet on some dodgy Romanians dressing up a cow so people thought it was horse.

  rdave13 01:23 07 Apr 2013

spider9 does that mean that no jockeys weren't killed either?

  Quickbeam 06:58 07 Apr 2013

No fatalities in the Grand National itself, but two fatalities earlier at the 2013 Aintree meeting.

One with a heart attack and one with a broken shoulder on an easy fence that was put down to an unlucky landing. Watch out if you break a leg stumbling over a kerb in the future, the new NHS savings may require you to be shot instead...

  Cymro. 12:42 07 Apr 2013

I almost missed the start as I expected it to be on the BBC. After a bit of channel hopping I came across it in C4. So did the BBC miss out in some sort of auction or something? I know it is wrong of me but I expect certain things to be exclusively on the BBC. FA Cup Final, Wimbledon, boat race and such like.

  Aitchbee 20:02 18 Apr 2013

BTW ... Auroras Encore [with Ryan Mania aboard] has been entered and will be running in the Scottish Grand National at Ayr on Saturday.

Up to now, only the legendary Red Rum has won both [nationals] in the same year [that was in 1974].

PS. [This racing snippet is for information purposes only, as I would not like to encourage anybody to gamble].

  Quickbeam 20:09 18 Apr 2013

What did you say the odds were?

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