Grand Designs, who's right and who's wrong?

  Sapins 08:09 06 Oct 2011

I watched this programme yesterday evening and at one point they were discussing the roof covering of steel mesh sheets and how from ground level, because of the angle of the slots in the mesh you could not see the fanlights they had installed. From inside the building the fanlight glass could easily be seen, again because of the angle of the slots in the steel mesh sheets. They then said that no light coming from the inside, could be seen from the outside! I maintain that if light enters at an anglle it must exit at the same angle end therefore must be seen from outside. So, was the programme being economical with the truth or did this "system" really work. I am used to such prorammes making false claims, but, could anyone throw some light on this! (pun intended)

  badgery 08:42 06 Oct 2011

I took this to mean that light from inside would not be seen at ground level outside the building.

Obviously light must emit upwards into the sky.

  Sapins 14:06 06 Oct 2011

I'm sure that the light from indoors will be seen from ground level coming out at the same angle it went in, it can't be bent on exit can it?

  Flak999 14:20 06 Oct 2011

I understood this to mean that the slots in the mesh were angled towards the sky, therefore light entered from above and would also only be visible from above, not from the ground.

  spuds 14:50 06 Oct 2011

Perhaps I am well off target and subject here, but have you ever checked traffic lights that have special 'angled' devices fitted, so has to inform drivers better?.

Another point is that light can be filtered as to its incoming and outgoing. Tinted or polaroid glass is possibly an example?.

  interzone55 15:27 06 Oct 2011


Those traffic lights are a total pain.

There's a set on a roundabout on my way to work, and the fins are all out of place so you can't actually see the lights at all in daytime, if I'm at the front of the queue I have to peer out and try to see the lights for the traffic on the right, when they change to red I wait 5 seconds then go...

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