Graham's Number

  Graham. 14:23 20 Feb 2010

No, it's not my phone number, it's much larger than that click here

  Input Overload 14:27 20 Feb 2010

I have to say it's a bit beyond my processing power as I am the human equivalent of a 386.

  Graham. 15:00 20 Feb 2010

The last ten digits are my phone number. How spooky is that?

  sunnystaines 16:30 20 Feb 2010

i always thought graham was the new infinity replacing a google plex as the highest number.

a goole was 1 and a hundred zeros, plex was multipled by itself with no end.

  Forum Editor 17:02 20 Feb 2010

In other words, G is calculated in 64 steps: the first step is to calculate g1 with four up-arrows between 3's; the second step is to calculate g2 with g1 up-arrows between 3's; the third step is to calculate g3 with g2 up-arrows between 3's; and so on, until finally calculating G = g64 with g63 up-arrows between 3's.

Everyone with me so far?

  Graham. 17:11 20 Feb 2010

What is Graham's number plus 1?

  shellship 17:18 20 Feb 2010

Lisbeth, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo could sus it in a trice.

  sunnystaines 17:29 20 Feb 2010

no i'm lost thought i understood it till i saw this thread.

i thought a graham was simply an endless set of numbers that never ends.

  Toneman 17:58 20 Feb 2010

Thought the answer to everything was 42?

  Forum Editor 18:02 20 Feb 2010

The number will end, but the observable universe is much too small to contain a digital representation of it, so as far as we're concerned it might as well be infinite.

  OTT_B 18:41 20 Feb 2010

Yikes. That really is a big number. Taken me a while to read and understand it (probably) properly, but it makes me wonder exactly how and why Mr Graham came up with the question.

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