The government will not take risks with the NHS

  Forum Editor 00:47 07 Apr 2011

in England, says Prime Minister David Cameron, but warns keeping the status quo is not an option.

I wonder when he'll learn the lesson - making categorical statements in politics is to invite trouble later.

I am beginning to feel a sense of foreboding about this, and while I'm about it, what happened to "Any Cabinet minister, if we win the election, who comes to me and says, 'Here are my plans and they involve front-line reductions' will be sent back to their department to go away and think again."

Now there are 19% reductions across most government departments.

  DippyGirl 00:58 07 Apr 2011

a) 18 months down the line
b) Local elections due soon
c) It's harder than you think!
d) words easy - actions hard, oops done that see (c)
e) Its still not our fault (TB ran this one for many years, and even Gordo)

Note to politicians....
The NHS (and many other things) isnt like selling groceries.
For some things "The market" will help and improve for others it will kill not cure.
One hat doesnt fit all...and if it did why do we still need Parliament?
Surley you just set out one programme - pass it onto the statute book and you are "sorted" ..... as they say on the Telly !

  beeuuem 01:36 07 Apr 2011

We are forever reading about, if not experiencing, cuts in funding. Government income and expenditure is still rising.

2009 £621bn

2010 £668bn

2011 £689bn

2012 £701bn

click here

So where are the savings and where does all the the money go?

  Portal11 02:30 07 Apr 2011

I always thought the Prime Ministers was old people, when i was in my 20's & before i remember Margaret Thatcher then John Major then Tony Blair they was all in there late 40's & 50's apart from Blair who was the youngest PM aged 43, With age does come Experience, But with Cameron he seemed young & vibrant new ideas going to do this promised us all that so on & so on..

But i feel he isnt like the older generation PM's he is a younger type of one but this brings its flaws & there is no cracks in the walls so to speak cause the walls have now crumbled down!

When i first heard about the cuts that they was going to be too fast too soon i thought yeah what ever, BUt i now couldn't agree more

Cameron is tearing what is left of Great Britain simply apart

we have lost some fantastic goverment funded schemes & they are completely ruthless there is no stopping them as FE stated above "Now there are 19% reductions across most government departments" this is simply too much of a cut on top of what they have already cut? when are they going to stop? Unemployment is biblical!

I started to feel the pain of all this when my local post office shut & the pensioners that lived near by protested profusely but it was all in vain cause the goverment had already decided they wasnt going to listen to the public they wanted change & they got change.

I am tired of waking up switching on the TV or opening a newspaper & seeing the goverment has or is going to axe this service or that service or over exaggerated necessary cuts all areas?

They live a extremely comfortable life & with a financially sound lifestyle Cameron & his team just dont seem to grasp what implications this is having on the real world its just figures & statistics to them that look good on the books & in front of the media....

  Kevscar1 06:24 07 Apr 2011

Oh purlease Britain hasn't been great for amny years. We have massive debts that have to be reduced would you prefer to be paying 50% income tax bet you would be screaming then.
The governemnt has said how much needs to be cut but don't blame them for who is cut.
I knew of one police force who had 2 deputy chief constables and one assitant cheif constable. I'll bet you those people are still in their jobs. Chief Constable won't get rid of his buddies he would rather sack the frontline cops. The same will go on in the NHS and all government depts.
That is not the governments responsibility.

  sunnystaines 07:49 07 Apr 2011

the cash spent on bombing libya and wasting it in aid to a corrupt pakistan would be better going into NHS.

Cameroun is as bad as brown was for wasting public money

  Grey Goo 08:25 07 Apr 2011

Perhaps you may like to calculate the Interest that is being applied to the Nations debts over 25 years. The "Do nothing" attitude is what contributed to the crisis in the first place. The NHS has to change, it gobbles up money because it is inherently inefficient. This may never change, it certainly won't change if the ingrained, "We have always done it this way" attitude prevails.

  Kevscar1 08:38 07 Apr 2011

Well I would prefer a short sharp pain to a long drawn out irritating one that wears you down.

  morddwyd 08:45 07 Apr 2011

Good idea.

If we bring back the birch instead of prison there will be instant savings!

  al's left peg 09:00 07 Apr 2011

We can't be that badly off. We can still give millions of pounds in aid to India and Pakistan!

Before anybody jumps in and defends this aid to "poor third world countries". Try and remember these two countries are nuclear powers so not exactly third world in my eyes.

A good friend of mine was informed yesterday he was losing his job due to the economic climate in this country.

  oresome 09:30 07 Apr 2011

The fact that as a nation we are becoming poorer is a bitter pill to swallow.

Couple this with an ageing population requiring more health care and contributing less in taxes and you can see that there's a problem developing.

Emerging markets will take an ever bigger slice of the world's resources pushing their prices up and putting further strain on our economy.

Quite a task for our politicians to manage and still get re-elected.

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