Is the government trying to send GB into meltdown

  lofty29 19:39 01 Sep 2008

No I don't mean G.Brown, from the comments of alistair darling at the weekend it would appear that either he is trying to wreck any confidence in the UK, which is a strange thing for a chancellor to do, or is it the normal stunt of government of leaking a very bad, situation,tax proposal, nasty legislation, etc, so that when the reality occurs the very bad is only seen as not so bad. Even so world reaction, and especially economists are going to react very adversly against this country, already the £ has fallen to its lowest ever level against the euro and a large drop against the $. Or perhaps they want the £ devalued for some reason, it would certainly seem to me that this government has lost any sense of direction or cohesion.

  Al94 19:43 01 Sep 2008

My theory is that Labour know they are finished and unelectable. They will leave as huge a mess as possible for the Conservatives to attempt to clear up, things will be so bad when the "truth" about the state of the country is known that the new government will struggle and have to make a lot of unpopular decisions which will be ridiculed by the new opposition.

  Forum Editor 19:47 01 Sep 2008

a holiday-time waffle by a pretty tepid Minister to wreck my confidence in Great Britain. In my experience people just get their heads down when economic downturns come along, and concentrate on keeping things on some kind of an even keel in their own little worlds. I frankly doubt that the average citizen gives two hoots for what Alistair Darling thinks.

We'll pull through in the same way we always pull through, by hard work and enterprise.

  Al94 19:50 01 Sep 2008

I think tepid rather overstates the position!

  PalaeoBill 19:50 01 Sep 2008

Sounds to me like Mr Darling is trying to talk us into a recession "British economy facing worst downturn in 60 years". I would like to know by what measure he supports this statement. I, and I am sure many of you, lived through the winter of discontent and black Wednesday; both of which occured well within the last 60 years ago.
Quite how he manages to ignore the fact that the FTSE has been climbing steadily for the last two months, escapes me.
I am not trying to suggest that the current economic doesn't exist, but is it really as bad as the government makes out?

  peter99co 19:55 01 Sep 2008

Has Darling made any thing work properly? His record seems tepid in all the jobs he has been given. Has he achieved anything? He is probably talking rubbish now as well.

  ulrich 20:11 01 Sep 2008

To get rid of this government, they go from one shambles to another and it has nothing to do with the financial side of things, they blame the rest of the World for that. Unfortunately I am not allowed to say what I think, only that I didn't vote for these idiots. There are no excuses for the failures in every part of the government and not just the financial side.

  Quickbeam 20:30 01 Sep 2008

"They will leave as huge a mess as possible for the Conservatives to attempt to clear up"

Are you really suggesting that they would take a 'scorched earth' policy to heart, and then go to the polls with that policy and expect to get back into power in less than 50 years...?

  ulrich 20:32 01 Sep 2008

I didn't read the FEs comments but there does seem that the Financial word does listen to our glorious Finance Minister and that is the problem at the moment.

  interzone55 20:38 01 Sep 2008

What I don't get is that everyone calls MPs for not telling the truth.

Then when Alistair Darling states the bleeding obvious everyone still complains - talk about no win situation...

  ulrich 21:09 01 Sep 2008

I really do not believe anything, the bleeding obvious, I think has been forced upon us by people who can't think about what they are saying.
I work in a 2 man myself and the boss furniture makers and we have more than enough work. Ok airlines are going down, who cares I don't I prefer going on holiday in England, a new car, I am quite happy with my 97 Fiesta and my 150mph Yamaha which cost me £900.
The trouble with this country everybody wants to be better than the next, and because they must tighten their belts a bit it's the end of the world.

The majority of the people in this country want to forget their greed and get a proper life.

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