Government Trolls On Forums And Websites

  carver 10:12 08 Jul 2014

Of in a few minutes to a BSJA show with my daughter and thought I'd spend a few minutes looking round the internet and came upon this Government trolls , now I know it's a few months old and may be old news for some of you but can't help thinking do we have one on this site.

  Forum Editor 11:15 08 Jul 2014

"do we have one on this site"

Who knows,and frankly who cares?

People who can think for themselves probably won't lose a millisecond's sleep over reports like this. The world is full of things that go bump in the night.

  lotvic 11:25 08 Jul 2014

Well I read the report, cheered me up no end. Haven't had such a good laugh in ages :)

  wee eddie 13:02 08 Jul 2014

And I thought it was Aitchbee

  lotvic 13:10 08 Jul 2014

wee eddie, agree, could be HB, I understand he gets an allowance each week from the gov [ermint] ;p

  Aitchbee 14:03 08 Jul 2014

I now understand why some vulnerable people, who let 'social media sites' [with the exception of PCA] rule their day-to-day activities to such an extent, that a panicky state of PARANOIA soon ensues if some electronic text on a computer screen [or smart phone]upsets their mental equilibrium[s].

  lotvic 14:33 08 Jul 2014

I rest my case.

aplologies to #agent Mr M. who obviously is busy gathering the troops to deluge Thread with sidetracking.

  Aitchbee 14:54 08 Jul 2014

lotvic ... I just knew I should've kept my big mouth shut!

  lotvic 15:07 08 Jul 2014

HB, just call me vunerable... :)

  lotvic 15:11 08 Jul 2014

Took the 'L' out of that (gibbering wreck I am now)

  Forum Editor 16:41 08 Jul 2014

The truth is,the internet can be a hostile place at times, and it's up to each of us to learn how to navigate around the potholes.

For my part, I tend to worry about things that are a real threat to my wellbeing/sanity,rather than waste time on things that might be, but probably aren't.

It's all about having s sense of balance.

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