Government now warning of a 70's style oil shock!

  wids001 08:32 04 Mar 2011

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Interestingly the photo accompanying this story is from 1978. The 1978 fuel shortage had nothing whatsoever to do with international problems but was caused by greedy suppliers holding back supplies because of the then Labour governments price restraints. I remember that as soon as Thatcher came to power and these pricing restrictions we abolished the country was suddenly awash with fuel.

  Chegs ®™ 09:33 04 Mar 2011

The thread title is nonsense? The thread title accurately depicts what the Guardian headline says so who is correct?

  Quickbeam 14:55 04 Mar 2011

I read last week that they were considering a 50mph max limit if fuel levels become critical during a crisis. We had that in the '70s.

  jakimo 16:07 04 Mar 2011

At least theres been no mention of petrol coupon ration books
as we had in 1950 and 1956,during the Suez crisis I had to buy black market petrol coupons to top up my legal coupon allowance so I had enough petrol for both work and social use.

  Quickbeam 16:47 04 Mar 2011

Of course most of the time, we would love to be able to reach a heady 50mph on rush hour motorways.

  Condom 02:44 05 Mar 2011

Well I think my pocket is shortly going to get a fright. I'm having to fill my petrol tank for the first time since November 2009. I kid you not. Mind you if I remember correctly I think it was also pretty expensive the last time I had to buy some.

  dms_05 09:15 05 Mar 2011

Condom - if you fill your vehicle up so infrequently I'd recommend you buy 1/4 of a tank and refill it when that evaporates, otherwise you will loose a whole tank through evaporation!

  Strawballs 11:52 05 Mar 2011

Going by what you said about enforcing a 50mph law then it should not be working enforcing the 70mph law for the same reason so why not just get rid of that.

  peter99co 12:02 05 Mar 2011

When petrol was Three Shillings and Sixpence a gallon!

  Strawballs 12:51 05 Mar 2011

The USA has a 55mph limit and has done for years

  Quickbeam 06:41 06 Mar 2011

" mention of petrol coupon ration books
as we had in 1950 and 1956..."
They were of coarse issued in the early '70s, but never used. This was just before I started driving and resulted in a gallon of petrol rising to a shocking 54p a gallon for me with my frugal 56mpg Hillman Imp.

Put into perspective that was just over 2 hours wages for a 17 year old.

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