Government defeated on universal credit

  Govan1x 23:56 18 Oct 2017

The Government was defeated in the house of commons on the vote to delay the roll out of universal credit.

Nothing strange about that you may think but no Tory party members voted at all which gave the opposition a majority of 280 odd votes to nil.

May new she probably would loose the vote so must have told her members to abstain to save any embarrassment to the Party

I cannot remember that ever happening before but maybe it did.

To me it just made a mockery out of the House of commons and what it stands for, I don't think the speaker of the house was amused either.

A few Tory members also complained about it, But the way I see it they were there and never voted so they have nothing to complain about.

This was not a binding vote so they can still carry on with the New universal credit. But will they.

No doubt one of the Tory Party will have to go in front of Parliament and explain what happened and what happens next.

The DUP had already abstained themselves from voting hence the not to vote from the Tory party.

  Quickbeam 07:09 19 Oct 2017

And yet she still insists that this minority government will run it's full term unfettered...

  morddwyd 08:17 19 Oct 2017

But the vote is non-binding and means nothing.

  Govan1x 08:57 19 Oct 2017


But the vote is non-binding and means nothing.

This is true but why ask for a vote in Parliament then not vote.

The ruling from the speaker of the house was although they asked for the vote they do not need to vote if they don't want to.

Now that was the problem. When asked if they wanted to vote they should have said nothing and there would have been the same result without the vote.

Just wasting everyones time asking for the vote then not voting may come back to haunt them.

Tit for tat by the opposition might happen on all other votes if they so wished, which would bring turmoil to Parliament,

I am afraid questions on this will be raised fairly soon and I don't think the Tory party will escape unscathed.

The DUP did say they would not back the government on certain things and this must have been one of them

  oresome 09:01 19 Oct 2017

We really need a charismatic figure to replace May, call a general election and come back with a whopping majority.

Our friends across the Channel might then start negotiating.

Can anyone suggest such a figure? Please don't suggest Boris.

  john bunyan 09:12 19 Oct 2017

If she would go for a Westminster seat, Ruth Davidson , for me , is almost the only hope!

  Govan1x 09:28 19 Oct 2017

We really need a charismatic figure to replace May, call a general election and come back with a whopping majority.

We all know that is not going to happen.

When you play silly games like they did last night it will not go down well with voters and yes they will probably leak more votes when the time comes.

You do not win votes when you make a fool out of parliament and i am afraid to say May is a past master at loosing votes.

Looks like she is still on her loosing run. She has to go, she is not the anchor women that will take the Tory party on wards she is the anchor woman that is dragging them down.

A new general election just now and the Tory party would loose, And if not their majority would be slashed again and would have to have another coalition party to prop them up.Or maybe two other parties instead of the one,

That is the way I see it for the considerable future no matter who gets in.

  rickf 09:58 19 Oct 2017

The Tories are doomed.

  Teabag. 12:32 19 Oct 2017

Cameron { remember him?} and May { when she has finally messed up brexit } will go down in history as the two worst leaders.

George Osborne must start every day with a spring in his step and a smile on his face.

Next Conservative leader? Dr Liam Fox?

  Quickbeam 15:14 19 Oct 2017

"Can anyone suggest such a figure? Please don't suggest Boris."

Do you really believe that with the current stagnant Brexit negotiations, a split Tory cabinet and no clear plan forward that the Tories would remain in power after another election!

  Teabag. 15:42 19 Oct 2017

Not a chance but they would need a figure head / leader / sucker.

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