Gout Update

  crosstrainer 06:43 02 May 2008

Turns out that I do not have gout (wishing I did)

I have been diagnosed with DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

Had two injections of Coloxin last night in hospital, and am commencing Warfarin treatment today. Will be in hospital for a few day's so off line from 8AM today...Bit worried, wish me luck.

  Taff™ 07:04 02 May 2008

Good Luck crosstrainer - hope you`re back soon.

  laurie53 07:28 02 May 2008

Good luck.

Looking forward to seeing you back on line soon.

  belfman 09:57 02 May 2008

Bit late in responding but I wish you all the best!

See ya soon.

  Bingalau 10:14 02 May 2008

Best of luck.. get well soon.

  Noels 11:14 02 May 2008

Can I join the others in wishing you well. If its any consolation I've been on warfarin since 2000 without any problems. Once they have your correct dose sorted you will probably need a blood test only once every 6 weeks to monitor your levels.
Anyway all the best, keep us up to date.

  Stuartli 13:11 02 May 2008

You may, like my other half, eventually only need to take an aspirin a day (ask for the enteric coated type if, by any chance, you do as these are much kinder on the stomach and to take).

  DrScott 19:39 02 May 2008

= clexane? = enoxaparin.

All the best for a speedy recovery.

  bluto1 21:08 02 May 2008

Get well crosstrainer, expect you back soon.

  crosstrainer 07:24 03 May 2008

Thank you all for your very kind thoughts. Yes Dr Scott, I miss-spelled the drugs name!

Yesterday was quite a revelation:

It began with a Doppler scan to locate the clot (one of the largest they have ever seen (another 2 day's could have killed me)

After the doppler (what a machine that is), I was told that I was not to walk, and was placed in a wheelchair.

Blood tests, Xray's, Ultrasound scan all conducted at speed with a hospital porter wheeling me around everywhere.

Then 10mg Warfarin and 130mg injection of clexane.

A lecture in keeping my leg out straight at all times, and not walking...Must return to the Hospital the next two day's to establish correct dose of warfarin to maintain correct blood coagulant levels.

Have a credit card type thing I have to keep with me @ all times, but was allowed home. Next door neighbour is driving me to hospital, but the staff and speed at which things were done was amazing.

Hardest part is going to be doing day tasks (as I live alone) The other odd thing is that many foods (Vitamin k1 based) that I considered healthy, are off th list green leaf veg for 1)

Anyway, thanks again for all your kind words and No, I'm not sitting at a PC, propped up in bed with lappy!

  Noels 07:54 03 May 2008

click here

For your info

My expeience over 8 years is that whatever you eat and drink the quantities must be consistent throughout the week.
For instance my wife and I like a couple of glasses of wine every day with our evening meal.If we have visitors at the weekend I shouldn't exceed my daily dose, just because we have visitors. I did say shouldn't.
When you are consistent they can easily regulate your dose of warfarin.
All the best

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